#BuroGetaway: An afternoon at Spa Alila in Seminyak

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By Wei Yeen Loh

#BuroGetaway: An afternoon at Spa Alila in Seminyak

A quick buggy ride through the gently sloping pathways leading into Alila Seminyak Bali unveiled a lush secret garden overlooking the Indian ocean. The resort is the epitome of a tropical haven, blending contemporary architecture with dashes of foliage by way of vertical greens and wall-hugging plants. A walk through the expansive, open air lobby and you can almost scent the salt in the breeze while the wind whips through your hair. We were here today for a relaxing massage and bath session at Spa Alila, located one floor below the lobby next to a wide expanse of landscaped greens.

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At every holiday that I embarked on, I always look forward to a good spa session. I’ve come to associate it to being the sign of a fulfilling vacation – the #BuroGetaway was one. When in Bali, it’s a cardinal rule that a spa is a must. Alila Seminyak is an oasis and its spa, which faces the beach, is a welcoming haven of peace and comfort. The Alila Seminyak Massage started off with the feet washing ceremony where our soles were scrubbed and our calves were cleansed off the grime from a day’s worth of walking.


Following this, we were ushered into the treatment room and our therapists laid their expertise on us. I was lulled into a deep sleep as soon as my therapist started working out the knots and aches from by back. She introduced a series of “body melting techniques” that included acupressure, deep tissue muscle movement, gentle stretching and lomi-lomi strokes. I was putty in her hands as she rubbed, eased and soothed each area of my body. The therapist was skilful in identifying my area of needs and focused on making me feel better. I appreciate how responsive she was. Before I know it, the treatment was over and it got me wishing the session was longer. The Alila Seminyak Massage was a rejuvenating experience that made the #BuroGetaway a bliss.



We were ushered through the spacious room to change into the provided robe and slippers before the spa session commenced. But before that, we were treated to a pampering foot scrub infused with sea salt and extracts of ginger and lemongrass to leave our feet feeling fresh and smooth. The 60-minute Alila Signature Massage was a blissful experience to say the least. My therapist embarked on a few well-pressured moves across my back and legs to knead out the knots in said areas. I just about dozed off for a good 10 minutes or so, only to be waken up gently by her to proceed to my next session—the Vichy Shower & Silk Bath.


This is one unique treatment that I’d recommend new spa-goers and regulars alike. Upon lying down on terrazzo beds for the shower, a jet-like stream of pressured warm water rained upon targeted spots across my body—the feeling is akin to being in a hot tub (sans soaking in the water). Apparently, this helps stimulate blood circulation in the body, hence giving the skin a healthy glow. After the brief respite during the massage, this session was an invigorating way to jolt my senses awake. 20 minutes later, a soak in the tub that’s filled with geranium and mandarin soapy goodness was the perfect denouement to the 105-minute long session at Spa Alila Seminyak. Extra points go to my therapist for a tray of warm ginger tea and a light snack while I was mid-way soaking up the suds.

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After your spa session, don’t forget to explore what Alila Seminyak has to offer, from its latest oceanfront seafood dining spot Seasalt to the breezy Beach Bar for a drink or two—a breathtaking view of the sunset as starters, of course. More details on Alila Seminyak, Bali here.


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