#CNY2017: 5 Best healthy Yee Sang you need to try in KL

New year, new yee sang


By Rachel Au

#CNY2017: 5 Best healthy Yee Sang you need to try in KL

Unless you’re a huge fan of Yee Sang, you’ll surely start to tire of the same platter come every Chinese New Year. While 2016 saw several indulgent versions of the CNY favourite—remember the World’s Most Expensive Yee Sang that was valued at RM16,888+ last year in KL?—this year’s offerings are on the other side of the spectrum. Whether it’s because people are growing more mindful of eating clean or the gap between Christmas and Chinese New Year is literally too close for comfort, we’d have to say these healthy Yee Sang platters tastes as good as it is guilt-free.


1. Healthy Prosperous Yee Sang by PurelyB x The Good Co.

the good co purelyb yee sang

Why is it different: This vegetarian Yee Sang features only the freshest and all-natural ingredients such as daikon, seabird’s nest, kefir lime leaves, beetroot, pomelo, granola, organic homemade cornflakes and honey plum sauce. 

How much is it: RM68 or RM88 (large)


2. Salmon Ikura Yee Sang by Mei by Fat Spoon

mei by fat spoon yee sang

Why is it different: Light and refreshing on the palate with a generous helping of pomelo, cucumber slices, pineapple and other vegetables, the most interesting bit on the platter is the use of murukku pieces to replace the usual crackers and the ikura toppings..

How much is it: RM128 (6-8pax)


3. Yee Sang Salad by Chai Bar

yee sang salad chai bar

Why is it different: While the Yee Sang is essentially an Asian salad, Chai Bar has truly illustrate this with their version that features a lot of colourful vegetables. For the crispy bits, they use lightly crushed yee mee noodles. 

How much is it: RM88 (for 4 pax or more)

Make your own! Get Chai Bar’s recipe and watch the tutorial video here.


4. Health & Prosperity Yee Sang by La Juiceria

la juiceria 2017 yee sang

Why is it different: A large variety of ingredients that is a nice mix between vegetables and fruits such as Japanese cucumber, beetroot, sweet turnip, chuka wakame, pomelo, mandarin oranges, grape, dried apricot and tortilla chips. 

How much is it: RM38 (regular) or RM68 (big)


5. Signature Year of the Rooster Lo Sang by Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

chynna hilton kl yee sang

Why is it different: It’s mostly made up of fruits such as strawberries, dragonfruit, jackfruit and pear. However, it might not be entirely guilt-free since it also has sweet and sour fried chicken. 

How much is it: RM138 (half portion) or RM258 (full portion)


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