#FlashbackFitnessFriday: 7 Best episodes of our workout video series

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By Rachel Au

#FlashbackFitnessFriday: 7 Best episodes of our workout video series

By the time this month’s episode of #FitnessFriday is released (next week!), we would have done a total of 24 episodes—a pretty good number considering it’s our birthday month. The series has shown how much the health and fitness community in Malaysia is thriving, with new gyms and workouts consistently being opened and offered. Here are the seven most watched episodes for a tinge of nolstagia and a burst of fitness motivation—especially if you’ve yet to try any of these places.


1. Spin class at Flycycle 

Our first spin class is also our best #FitnessFriday episode. Full review here.


2. Fly Yoga at Aravind Yoga Studio

It looked cool in photos but it sure was tricky to trust the silk to hold us. Full review here.


3. Xtend Barre at Urban Spring 

This was the second episode of our #FitnessFridays series, and definitely one of the toughest too. Full review here.


4. HIIT at, Plaza Batai is one of the nicest looking boutique gyms in town but don’t let its swanky interior fool you—the Fire trainers definitely know how to make you go all out in the work outs. Full review here.


5. Inversions & Arm Balancing Yoga at Be Urban Wellness

The class was turned upside down—literally. We learnt to use our arms and strength to carry our weight as we try to do a headstand. Well, at least some of us succeeded. Full review here.



6. Ride and Strike at, Plaza Mont Kiara opened a second gym with two brand new workouts so of course, we had to try both—on the same day. Full review here.


7. Wireless EMS workout at Be Urban Wellness 

We got our muscles zapped for this workout session and though it hurt a little, it was a true testament of ‘No pain, no gain’. Full review here.


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