#FitnessFriday: Team tries Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in Putrajaya

#FitnessFriday: Team tries Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in Putrajaya


Text: Rachel Au

Two members of the Buro 24/7 Malaysia team stood up to the challenge of SUP at Putrajaya Lake

For the past few #FitnessFridays, we've been trying several out of the ordinary workout sessions such as Flycycle's spin class, Inversion Yoga, and Fly Yoga; so to continue that streak, we decided to do something water-related: Stand Up Paddling, or more commonly known as SUP. The water sport is offered by Flyboard Malaysia—yes, they offer flyboarding as well—at Putrajaya Lake and founder Raja Aris Dzulkifli recommended SUP for its fitness properties. He explained that although it's a slow, relaxing activity, it also works out your core. We sent two people from our team to try it so check out their testimonials and watch the video below.


Wei Yeen Loh, Fashion and Beauty Writer

When I was told to participate in this month's Fitness Friday class, I was already scheming all sorts of reasons to back out from it; because firstly, I am not certain about my swimming skills if I were to fall off my paddleboard—I'm the type who likes lazing by the beach and not actually going out to swim in the sea. Nevertheless, we all trudged (almost reluctantly) out to the lake for our first class. I liked that Aris was very meticulous with instructions on how we should transition from kneeling to standing on the paddleboard. He did point out that standing up while paddling consistently works out the core as you're trying to maintain stability. It wasn't as tiring as I'd thought it would be, and it actually is quite relaxing once you get the hang of it. While my paddling techniques can be improved, I wouldn't mind doing this again with a view—think Pulau Tioman for that ideal island scenery. 

Rating: 4/5

#FitnessFriday: Team tries Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in Putrajaya (фото 1)

#FitnessFriday: Team tries Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in Putrajaya (фото 2)

Su Fen Tan, Writer

The first time I saw someone doing SUP, it was at Yosemite National Park—he was a lone paddler, making his way towards El Capitan, and it was such a majestic sight. That got me thinking: "That is something I have to try." And that was what we did this month. Although the view wasn't quite as beautiful (sorry Putrajaya), it was a rather therapeutic, relaxing activity once you got into the groove, and a nice way to start the day. However, the initial stages of getting onto the board and standing up were a little tricky. And as Aris said, it may look simple, but you do work out your core and arm muscles. It's definitely worth a go if you are looking to try something different. 

Rating: 4/5

#FitnessFriday: Team tries Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in Putrajaya (фото 3)


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