How your choice of razor can help you get the cleanest shave

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

How your choice of razor can help you get the cleanest shave

Wondering why your stubble is so stubborn? It’s not you—it’s your razor. In our guide, we’re delving into the pros and cons of every type of shaver on the market so you can decide which one is right for you.

Ah, the daily ritual of shaving—a delicate dance that either ends in smoother, more radiant skin… or a bloodbath. One wrong move and it’s over—but it doesn’t have to be this way. Have you ever wondered why there are so many types of razors on the market? When it comes to shaving apparatus, you’re spoilt for choice! Believe it or not, each razor type serves different purposes, from safer shaves to cleaner results, and whichever one you pick can yield wildly different shaving experiences.

Overwhelmed yet? Fret not, fellas—we’re breaking down the basics of your follicle-filled quest for the perfect shave. From classic straight razors to modern electric trimmers, we’ll explore how each shaving tool can affect (and upgrade!) your grooming game. So, grab your foam, fill your basin, and let’s get into all things cutthroat!


Straight Razors: The smoothest operator

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Better known as your grandad’s tool of choice, straight razors offer a traditional experience with a touch of nostalgia. The single, ultra-sharp blade glides effortlessly across the skin, providing the closest and most satisfying shave. That said, it’s not an easy tool to master and can involve quite the learning curve when making the switch. Embracing a straight razor demands patience, caution, a steady hand, and respect for your facial landscape, but the reward is smoothness like no other. Of course, if you’re not keen on learning the craft but you still want the results, you can always head to your nearest barbershop!

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Safety Razors: The user-friendly compromise

Photo by Darina Belonogova

If you’re not quite ready to delve into Sweeny Todd territory, safety razors are a good option. Striking the perfect balance between old-world charm and modern convenience, these double-edged razors give you the second closest shave with the added familiarity of a handle. With a gentle touch, safety razors effectively remove hair while minimising irritation and razor burn—a quality attributed to the single blade. Plus, the replaceable blades are both more economical and environmentally friendly compared to their disposable counterparts.

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Cartridge Razors: The old reliable

Photo by Robert Golebiewski

Cartridge razors are likely the razor you’re most familiar with. Known as the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to shavers, they are usually equipped with multiple blades and pivoting heads to allow you to navigate the contours of your face effortlessly (and with little to no skill needed!). Because they’re so user-friendly, they’re also the safest to use while offering a decent shave—and convenient cartridge replacements. That said, while cartridge razors have their pros, they also have their cons—not only do the multiple-blade cartridges increase the risk of irritation (going over one spot five times in a row tends to do that), but the replacement cartridges can be pricey!

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Electric Razors: The on-the-go essential

Photo by Agustin Fernandez

If you prefer a quick and efficient shave, electric razors are your best friend. Built for convenience and perfect for travel, electric razors offer a decent shave at the push of a button, making them perfect for those who are perpetually on the go. Electric razors also minimise the risk of cuts and require no shaving cream, giving you the option of a dry shave for mornings when time is of the essence. While they may not deliver the closest or most meticulous shave, their versatility and portability make them a popular choice in a pinch. Plus, they are easily the most eco-friendly as they are rechargeable and, thus, reusable.

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Disposable Razors: The runt of the lot

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

When it comes to affordability and convenience, disposable razors are the one. These lightweight and inexpensive razors provide a decent shave for those on a tight budget or in need of a quick fix. However, they do not deliver the smoothness of their costlier counterparts and their blade life is considerably shorter, so they’re not a great go-to option for every day. Plus, they’re the most wasteful option as they need replacing so often. That said, they do make a great option for those who need to shave on the fly, whether you’re caught abroad without a trimmer or you’re unprepared for a surprise meeting. Just be cautious when shaving with a disposable as they are the most likely to tug or nick you!


In short, the right razor for you ultimately depends on your shaving preferences, budget, and level of commitment. Whether you’re a traditionalist who appreciates the art of shaving or a time-strapped guy seeking quick results, there’s a razor out there to suit your needs.


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