Join David Beckham in a livestream for Biotherm Homme’s #StoryOfMyLife campaign



By Wei Yeen Loh

Join David Beckham in a livestream for Biotherm Homme’s #StoryOfMyLife campaign

If you’ve read all about Biotherm Homme’s new game-changing miracle worker, Force Supreme Life Essence, you’d know that it is brand ambassador David Beckham’s go-to skin saviour. The product’s campaign sees Beckham sharing the “story of his life” through his tattoos in a film shot by  acclaimed director Johan Renck.

This time around, Biotherm Homme is launching the #StoryOfMyLife campaign with David Beckham in Shanghai—guests are invited to create and share their life and skincare stories in a private animation box after Beckham’s personal narrative on-stage. Alongside that, a Tattoo Bar will offer customised temporary tattoos done on guests and even their sneakers and iPhone cases. “We’re bringing the height of skincare tech together with digital-goes-real experience, to turn around the age-old concept that your life story is written on your face,” says Biotherm general manager David Fridlevski.


Catch the campaign launch virtually here via a livestream from Shanghai at 12pm Malaysian time to find out all about Biotherm Homme’s new Force Supreme Life Essence and David Beckham’s intriguing life stories.


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