MFW SS16: Bottega Veneta

Marvelous Mr Maier

MFW SS16: Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta's view on nature is what we want to wear on a three day, two night (no more) glamping trip

We're going to call it the Maier touch. Trust Tomas Maier—Bottega Veneta's Creative Director of 14 years—to turn leopard print (trending right now) and a digitalised version of woodland camouflage into covetable, city-ready clothes. Inspired by the "big country", Maier wanted to take his woman far out of town on a grand adventure but able to make it back to the city for cocktails on a rooftop bar. Rope used as either shoulder straps or halters added a nice touch of the great outdoors to tech-cotton dresses that despite their utilitarian details, looked infinitely luxurious, comfortable and expensive. And as his women moved seamlessly between town, country and the great beyond, shoes were kept grounded, with no dangerously vertiginous heels to even risk ruining the holiday. 

Jason Lim

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