BURO Spotlights: G-Shock celebrates its 40th anniversary with Shock The World SEA in Bali

BURO Spotlights: G-Shock celebrates its 40th anniversary with Shock The World SEA in Bali

Cheers to another decade!


By Benedict Unang

Featured images courtesy of G-Shock

G-Shock is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and marked the exciting milestone with a Shock The World Southeast Asia (SEA) in Bali earlier this month. A first of its kind in the region, the event brought together celebrities, influencers and watch enthusiasts from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand to Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak to honour G-Shock’s unmatched heritage and spotlight the brand’s evolution. We had the privilege to take part in the momentous occasion and find out how the Japanese label is commemorating the significant achievement.

Firstly, the ‘That’s Tough’ campaign was introduced at the event’s opening press conference. This initiative seeks to redefine ‘toughness’, recognising that it is subjective and unique to each individual. Subsequently, the father of G-Shock, Kikuo Ibe, presented the ‘Dear Younger Me’ campaign, which reflects on his journey and the hurdles he encountered when designing the first ever G-Shock watch. 

In honour of the jubilee, two limited-edition models have also been revealed: the carbon-based GCW-B500UN and the 18K gold G-D0001. The former arrives in Milky Way colour schemes and sports a lightweight case made of carbon materials. Meanwhile, the latter is an integral component of Dream Project #2, and it was developed by Casio’s R&D team with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In addition to its recent collaboration with 88rising, the made-in-Japan brand announced the Rich Brian x G-Shock collaboration. Inspired by his childhood guitar, the GA-2100RB-3A model from the 2100 series has been updated with a striking seafoam green base colour and salmon pink accents, along with his signature decorating the case back. 

To round off the celebration, we were treated to performances by two 88rising artists, Niki and Warren Hue, at the Potato Head Beach Club. Ahead of the press conference, we spoke to Takahashi Oh, the Executive Officer of Casio and Senior General Manager of the Timepiece Business Unit. Read our exclusive interview below to learn more about his approach to innovation, aspirations and more:

How has G-Shock evolved since its inception?

“The latest version of G-Shock is more durable and better fits the lifestyles of those who use it. The extensive range of colours, materials, and finishes also makes it easier for them to pick the one they like. Moving forward, we strive to build timepieces using sustainable materials to reduce the impact on the environment and support the transition to a circular economy.”


G-Shock turns 40 this year. What does this mean to the Casio team to celebrate the milestone?

“When we first launched G-Shock in America, it turned out to be a big hit, and many of them liked it. Its popularity has reached all over the globe since then, pushing us to offer the same experience to as many people as possible. Today, we are everywhere and we can improve our goods with inputs from watch enthusiasts and KOLs.”


What is your approach to innovation?

“We pay extra attention to small, subtle details because we want to recognise what our customers need from their timepieces.”


Structure, functions, materials, and design have always been Casio’s top priorities when developing the G-Shock. Will any of these be updated in the near future?

“While we have always valued these four factors, we hope to use more environmentally friendly materials in the years to come without compromising toughness. We’ve done it before with our limited-edition GW-B5600CD watches made from bio-based resins, but we want to go above and beyond.”


How do you integrate Casio’s Japanese origins and heritage into its designs?

“Japan has a rich history of culture and we have been expressing it on our watches for years. This is evident on the MRG-B2000GA, which has a casing that looks like the temper patterns of a Japanese sword, and the MTG-B3000CXD-9A, which has a dragon motif with etched scale marks on the bezel and band components. We will never lose touch with our culture and will constantly elevate it through cutting-edge technologies.”


What sets the Japanese-made G-Shock watch apart from the Swiss-made model?

“I believe we are the best at expressing toughness on timepieces. Even after you’ve thrown your G-Shock around, it will still work. We also like the idea of everyone enjoying our watches, which explains why we make use of a variety of materials so that there’s something for everyone regardless of price.”


Which of the 40th anniversary’s limited edition collection is your favourite, and why?

“The Clear Remix series is my favourite collection. I recall working on this with some of the new hires a few years ago. They genuinely wanted this to work out, and I’m happy that it did in the end.”


What hopes do you have for G-Shock in the years to come?

“I hope that we can work on designing watches that incorporate the concepts of fashion, art, music, and sports. I want to create pieces that will eventually become an essential component of society. No matter how many years it takes, I will strive to reach that level.”




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