Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2017 brings the wonders of the wild to life

A sparkling expedition


By Wei Yeen Loh

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2017 brings the wonders of the wild to life

Put the unbridled beauty of a tropical island with unparalleled watches and jewellery craftsmanship and you will get Tiffany & Co.’s 2017 Blue Book Collection, the Art of the Wild. The name offers an inkling of what you can expect from the collection, comprising six themes—Whispers of the Rain Forest; Miracle Berry; The Falls; Leaves of the Sun; Feathered Cloak; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


The Blue Book Collection highlights Tiffany’s gemstone heritage through the gems used in this range. Standouts from the collection include the first theme: The focus is on handcrafted gemstone-covered fronds that are stitched together with an intricate diamond rope—a detail to allow for subtle, slight movement in tandem with the wearer. This is translated to a diamond collier with 200 baguette diamonds and exquisite pair of earrings with yellow diamonds that graduate in colour for a mesmerising effect. Another highlight is a sizable cocktail ring from the Miracle Berry range, featuring a 20-karat cabochon rubellite that boasts an alluring, intensely saturated red hue. 

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The sheer force of waterfalls and the cascading motion from the water was also cited as an inspiration for one of the themes, The Falls—perfectly captured with a necklace made with baguette, pear-shaped and round diamonds with strands in varying lengths. But the design team also alluded to nature’s ability to regenerate for the Art of the Wild. A sense of openness and zeal for life was recreated in the Leaves of the Sun designs, specifically a pair of palm leaf earrings in tsavorite, yellow sapphire, and South Sea black pearls for a harmonious design.

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The Feathered Cloak theme takes on the vivid colours and forms of exotic birds, with gemstone-coated “plumage” that simulate the movement of actual feathers. The last design theme, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, harkens back to the company’s history of creating floral shaped jewellery. Ombré gemstones were used for this leitmotif to cast a progressive colour change—noted in a bracelet with a stunning 54-karat cabochon rubellite in the middle, enclosed with a woven lattice of baguette and round pink sapphires.

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