The new Tiffany & Co. collection promises that no two watches are exactly alike

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The new Tiffany & Co. collection promises that no two watches are exactly alike

Arising out of a splendid union of fine jewellery design and inimitable Swiss craftsmanship, a range of dazzling wrist companions have been unveiled. Tiffany Metro, the latest watch collection by Tiffany & Co. compounds the brand’s brilliant diamond legacy with an elegant ode to the city of New York.


The proclivity towards crafting personal moments is one of the defining hallmarks of the house. On the Tiffany Metro timepieces, the idea is taken to new heights with a  round brilliant diamond crown that is assigned a unique serial number to make each watch extra special to its wearer. “Our horological history began in Geneva, Switzerland in 1847, and today we continue this tradition of craftsmanship by introducing the Tiffany Metro timepiece-its beauty lies in the superlative pedigree of Tiffany diamonds,” said Nicola Andreatta, vice president and general manager of Tiffany & Co. Swiss Watches.


Matching the mood and pace of New York City, fluid lines and tessellated elements compose a stunning array of dials, cases and straps to present the contemporary woman with options for every style and occasion. Take a look at the new expression of sophistication in the gallery below:

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