The Piaget beauties to have in your ‘Possession’

Multi-coloured jewelleries


By Gwen Ong

The Piaget beauties to have in your ‘Possession’

What would the world be without a rainbow of colours to jazz up our lives? Piaget’s latest Possession collection is bursting with energy as it incorporates coloured stones to its line-up of beautiful jewelleries. This is a first for this collection that was launched over 25 years ago.

Possession features five new colours; the deep blue of lapis lazuli, the intense black of onyx, the vivid turquoise, the bright green of malachite and the vibrant red of carnelian. The palette of vibrant colours is a representation of feelings, attitudes and sentiments where the ladies can express different emotions and facets of their personality.


Olivia Palermo, the face of Piaget’s Possession sums it up perfectly, “I think within the collection you see different ways women can wear the Possession pieces and how it gives them confidence.”

Turn and the world is yours

Piaget’s Possession jewelleries include a sphere of ornamental stone encircled by the iconic Possession ring that hangs from a long gold sautoir necklace. This is a versatile piece that can be wrapped around twice to create a shorter necklace. The turning ring on the pendant is set with a single sparkling diamond to make it a special keepsake.


You’ll find the same concept featuring the coloured stone sphere wrapped with the Possession ring design set along a delicate chain bracelet. For a statement look, go for the gold bangle adorned with the rounded coloured stones at either end, accompanied by the turning ring lined with a set of diamonds.


Scroll through the gallery below to admire the Possession beauties.

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