Technicality redefined: Richard Mille’s RM63-02 World Timer

Sleekly functional


By Wei Yeen Loh

Technicality redefined: Richard Mille’s RM63-02 World Timer

An exquisite timepiece presented at the SIAR (Salón Internacional Alta Relojería) in Mexico City last week, Richard Mille’s RM63-02 World Timer has the similar exercise of the RM58-01—this setting is simplified by removing the need for a pusher in activating the time zone function and incorporating the World Timer function at the heart of a new automatic in-house movement.


One of the outstanding masterpieces of this piece is the rotating bezel in satin-brushed and polished grade-5 titanium, mounted on ball bearings for easy manipulation and can be turned to select the desired time zone. When the name of the city is positioned at 12 o’clock, the blue and white disk in the RM63-02 automatically defines the local time as well as the time in 23 other cities around the world thanks to its graduated 24-hour flange.

With an in-house CRMA3 caliber to drive the RM63-02 assembled around an electroplasma-treated grade-5 titanium plate, the sculptural upper bridge is made from black rhodium plated and polished German silver along with round openings to offer a glimpse of the going-train and the mechanism. All the wheels in the CRMA3 caliber have an involute profile of  20° to optimize the productivity and transmission of energy to the variable inertia balance wheel. The movement is enhanced by the hand-crafted finishes adorning the interior of the movement’s parts. Each piece of the movement requires many hours of work create anglage, drawn out edges, circular-graining and micro blasted bridges.

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