F is for Fish Tales by Stephen Webster


By Su Fen Tan

F is for Fish Tales by Stephen Webster

One thing you can always expect from London-based jeweller Stephen Webster’s creations is the vivid interpretation of storied inspirations. As he draws upon his life-long fascination with the underwater world and all its mysteries, Fish Tales was born—a whimsical collection of 26 figurative charms crafted in yellow gold and diamonds.

What makes the charms unique is that each one embodies a letter of the alphabet entangled with a corresponding sea creature, such as A for Angelfish and B for Bass.

Further delving into the fascinating depths of the ocean, Webster has also written a short book to accompany the collection, capturing the trials, tribulations and character of each sea creature with lighthearted, humorous little stories.

Providing us with a glimpse into his mind, the designer shared: “I can’t remember a time when I haven’t regularly gazed below the waterline of a pond, river, sea, rock pool or, indeed, a puddle. I always found life under the surface of a body of water more interesting than that up the top. I hope the collection and the book go some way towards uncovering the mystery and magic of an aquatic life.”


Stephen Webster’s Fish Tales collection is available at Habib Jewels KLCC and Ampang Point. For more information, visit the website

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