Speake-Marin’s latest masterpiece: The Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project

A master of dragons


By Buro247

Speake-Marin’s latest masterpiece: The Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project

Born out of the hands of four master craftsmen, the Kennin-ji Temple Masters Project is a work of exquisite detail, featuring an ornate engraving of dragons that extends across the dial, a 42mm white gold case and presentation box. 

As inferred by its title, the timepiece reflects the splendour of the historic Zen Buddhist temple, capturing its monumental artwork by artist Koizumi Junsaku and translating it onto a unique wearable canvas. As a celebration of the temple’s 800th anniversary, the masterpiece features a dramatic painting of twin dragons “rampaging across the ceiling”, and this has been finely executed by engraving the artwork across the wristwatch’s top, side surfaces, as well as movement.

To exhibit the brand’s commitment to detail, the watch’s bezel has been redefined to enable the dragons to flow seamlessly from the dial to the side of the case band. Alongside the brand’s execution of the timepiece, a similar dragon motif finely embosses the leather lining of the presentation box, achieving an overall congruence to emphasize the grandeur of the artwork and temple. 

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