Peek at the intricate work that goes behind the radiant Piaget Sunlight Escape creations


By Su Fen Tan

Peek at the intricate work that goes behind the radiant Piaget Sunlight Escape creations

It is true that fantastical imaginations create magic. Drawing upon a mysterious, enchanting land where the sun never sets and nights have the brightness of day, Piaget introduces Sunlight Escape—a high jewellery collection that dazzles in every sense of the word, evoking the Maison’s spirit of freedom and joy. 

Yellow and white diamond creations shine with a sun-kissed sparkle, while jewellery inspired by the wonders of winter twinkle in shades of brilliant blue. Every piece of jewellery is a sight to behold—a testament of Piaget’s dedication to craftsmanship. For example, four feather marquetry creations in the collection were crafted by French artist Nelly Saunier. Delicately fusing the art of feathers and gold, she reimagines a snowy landscape illuminated by sunrays into a series of beautiful earrings and manchettes. 

Piaget’s signature engraving process can be seen on the Midnight Sun necklace. A statement piece that glimmers in gold, diamonds and emerald, it features the palace decoration engraving, where the craftsman hand-guilloches gold with irregular streaks to give the effect of raw silk.

One of the most interesting pieces in the collection is a pair of earrings by Maître d’Art Rose Saneuil. Using the unusual combination of straw and wood, she created a vibrant marquetry work of art with fine straw from rye grass and wood from European hornbeam and sycamore. Simply stunning.

Take a look at more of the exquisite creations from Piaget Sunlight Escape here:

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