November birthstone: Topaz jewellery to shop this month


By Deanna Cheah

November birthstone: Topaz jewellery to shop this month

Although Topazios—the ancient Greek name for a small island in the Red Sea (now called Zabargad)—never actually produced any topaz, it’s believed to have inspired the gemstone’s name. This is because peridots, which were found on the island, was often mistaken back then for topaz.

The ancient Greeks believed that topaz provided them with strength, while in Europe during the Renaissance period, it was thought that the topaz could break magic spells. Another tale linked to this gemstone originates in Indian, where it’s believed that when a topaz is worn above the heart, it’ll grant longevity, beauty and intelligence.

The topaz comes in all hues of blue—from pale with light tones to intensely deep and dark. This variation is caused by temperature changes, either by Mother Nature or through heat treatment. As blue is so versatile, this gemstone looks good paired with different shades of gold and also suits both intricate as well as minimalist settings.

Often associated with loyalty and love, the blue topaz represents eternal romance and friendship. It also symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings, and deep emotional attachment.

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