Wings of a dream: Hermès Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus

Wings of a dream: Hermès Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus

Poetry meets Swiss expertise

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

A work of art that is more than meets the eye, the Hermès Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus showcases the brilliance of combining engraving and Grand Feu enamelling

Hermès' Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus is a timepiece that seems to be conjured straight out of a fantasy book. The dial combines two ancient arts, engraving and Grand Feu enamelling, both of which is found through the miniature painting of the zebra and the cloisonné technique featured on the wings. The Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus comes in four exquisite varieties, each toying with different hues and featuring a motif from an Hermès silk scarf designed by Alice Shirley.


The process behind this watch begins with a 22-carat gold plate crafted into three different layers to create the depth effect between the zebra and its wings. Next, meticulous engraving is done by the graver to reveal the details of the feathers on the wings, later on enamelled using the cloisonné technique—tiny gold wires are placed to mark out the contours of the areas where translucent enamel will be applied in refined touches. The zebra motif is carried out through miniature enamelling, with a brush dancing across the dial with opaque glass powder. The subtle beauty of this enamel, along with the myriad of colours from the light, perspective, and depth effect are revealed after multiple successive firings at more than 800°C.


The engraved and enamelled work of art is cased in a 750 white gold case, while a Manufacture Hermès H 1837 movement breathes vibrant mechanical life to these four unique models.