These four artists are \"One of Not Many\"

These four artists are "One of Not Many"

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Text: Su Fen Tan

Vacheron Constantin launches its 'One of not many' campaign, featuring four exceptional artists

For the uninitiated, you're looking at the oldest luxury watchmaker with an uninterrupted history that has been around since 1755. SIHH 2018 saw the launch of an emblematic new collection in the form of the historically inspired Fiftysix, a modern interpretation of the brand's iconic reference 6073, which was launched back in (you guessed it) 1956. Its most recent addition to the line is a Tourbillon reference, a prestigiousm, ultra-thin timepiece marked by a symbolic Maltese cross tourbillon carriage at 6 o'clock. 
These four artists are "One of Not Many" (фото 1)

This year also marks a new chapter in Vacheron Constantin's history with its new campaign, "One of not many"—a statement that defines the Maison's rich history of 260 years and utmost commitment to Fine Watchmaking traitions.


"The watch industry represents over one billion watches per year, of which only 25 million are produced in Switzerland and barely 500,000 can lay claim to Fine Watchmaking status," said Louis Ferla, CEO of Vacheron Constantin. "Within this context, Vacheron Constantin focuses on limited and reasonable production volumes, as required to offer the highest level of quality, aesthetics and expertise. Within an already highly exclusive segment, our Maison is committed to maintaining a unique and sophisticated character. In this respect we are resolutely "One of not many".


To drive the message home, Vacheron Constantin has carefully selected four talented artists whose work and image mirror the Maison's technical prowess, never-ending quest for excellence, and spirit of innovation and creativity. 



These four artists are "One of Not Many" (фото 2)

A virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and contemporary poet, Benjamin Clementine wears many hats, and he does so exceptionally well, establishing himself as one of the most talented musicians of his generation. Fellow British musician James Bay is also a force to be reckoned with, a bold artist who is not afraid to explore new musical territories. This is shown in his sophomore album, which sophisticatedly marries a diverse range of genres into one record.

Both artists embody the modern and cosmopolitan elegance of the Fiftysix collection. 

These four artists are "One of Not Many" (фото 3)

Personifying the refined lines of the Patrimony collection is French multidisciplinary designer Ora Ito, whose signature "Simplexity" concept of minimal yet techno-futuristic design has earned him a formidable list of clients that include some of the world's most renown brands. Last but not least is Cory Richards, a photographer and explorer who has climbed Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and travelled extensively across the world to capture some truly remarkable images. His sense of discovery and adventure corresponds perfectly with the Overseas collection.