Presidential heritage: The Corum Coin watch

Presidential heritage: The Corum Coin watch

History-laden collection

Text: Su Fen Tan

In 2014, the Corum Coin watch celebrated its 50th anniversary in true watchmaking style, unveiling two limited editions of the iconic timepiece

"It is an old American tradition for sons to follow in their father's footstep. And we have a beautiful answer for this great tradition. An heirloom for your great great grandson." That was the slogan for one of Corum's very first Coin watches, and it has carried on to this day, having marked its 50th anniversary just last year. The first model of Corum's Coin collection was created in 1964 with a historic American Coin, the famous 20$ Double Eagle, stamped with the seal of liberty. The coin was launched in 1849 and remained in use until 1933, standing as the perfect symbol of the construction and growth of the American nation and a collector's item.


Corum tapped into the perfect solution to preserve these collectible coins, by making the face of the coin a true dial and protecting it with sapphire crystal, turning them into unique timepieces. Elegant and iconic, these watches have graced the wrists of six successive United States Presidents—Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Lydon Lohnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton—amongst other notable personalities.

Presidential heritage: The Corum Coin watch (фото 1)

Fast-forward to 2014; Corum unveiled two exclusive limited editions of the coin watch, created with 22kt gold and 925 silver American Liberty Coins. The coins embody the American 50$ Gold Eagle and 1$ Silver Eagle minted in 2014, bearing the famous American bird, an emblem of freedom, and Lady Liberty, the symbol of peace. The gold version features a handsome 36mm case, while the silver one is a bold 43mm rendition of the classic. Each carries a diamond on their crowns.


A blend of nostalgic design and modern technical flawlessness, these extraordinary timepieces are powered by an automatic CO 082 movement. It oscillates at the frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and houses a 42-hour power reserve. Complete with alligator leather straps for a look of utmost sophistication, these limited edition Coin watches are most definitely fit for a president. 



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