Omega unveils a new boutique in Suria KLCC

Omega unveils a new boutique in Suria KLCC

World class standard

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: Omega

Omega's new store in Suria KLCC is an impressive 900-feet space filled with all of the brand's world-class collections

Trust Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega to roll out a contemporary concept in its new boutique while paying tribute to its heritage of watchmaking effortlessly. The brand's new 900-feet store located on the first floor in Suria KLCC boasts an interior that features modern architecture and discerning elements, making it worth an eyeball for watch aficionados and even anyone who's dropping by the shopping mall anytime soon. The boutique holds all of Omega's world-class collections, from luxury watches, jewellery, leather goods to its new range of sunglasses for men and women. 

Omega unveils a new boutique in Suria KLCC (фото 1)

Take a closer look at the boutique's cream and champagne interior and you will find a concept inspired by natural elements, including the sun, earth, water, and time (naturally). Details of the store include reconsituted zebra food furniture and sleek glass surfaces, while mirrored walls, luxe marbled flooring and a lounge area in deep red and dark mahogany hues translate to a world-class paradigm that exudes a warm atmosphere — one that resonates with the brand's refined legacy. 


Swing by Omega's new store to get these festive-ready watches and jewellery picks:

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