Love is in the air with Bulgari B.Zero1

For him, and for her


By Buro247

Love is in the air with Bulgari B.Zero1

Sometimes we fail to recognise that a mistake has the ability to teach us some of life’s greatest lessons. A happy accident or wrong turn affords us the opportunity to explore unchartered territory, to discover the great unknown. Bulgari’s new B.Zero1 range now in bi- and tri-coloured gold variations, dubbed ‘the perfect mistake’, is a shining example of the wondrous possibilities of what happens when things don’t go to plan.


First developed in 1999 in commemoration of the new millenium, the unconventional prototype employed a mix of white, yellow and pink gold in one daring design. It did not conform to the design brief and was perhaps ahead of its time, and so, was overlooked. It has since been rediscovered and is emblematic of the spirit of Bulgari: modern, boundary defying and beautifully unexpected. Here, two couples share their love stories and prove that two ‘wrongs’ can indeed make a right.

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How did you know she was ‘The One’?

Feruz: My friends used to tell me that you’d just know when the right person comes along. When I met Fyza, I felt something I had never felt before. I have dated other women but never felt about anyone the way I do for Fyza. I’m very lucky because it’s not a feeling you get to experience very often.


What do you enjoy doing most together?

Fyza: Travelling the world. My favourite places include Dubai and Japan—in Japan we tried kimonos on together. He’s the greatest travel buddy—he plans everything from where we eat, where we go and what we do.


What is the most romantic thing she has done for you?

Feruz: She surprised me on my birthday with a custom-made cake in the shape of a shirt and a tie. The design of the tie was similar to the tie she gave me for our wedding hantaran, which I thought was sweet. The little details to me are the sweetest.

Bvlgari B.Zero 1 perfect mistake ring

One trait you love about your partner?

Fyza: His caring nature. Throughout the day he checks to ensure I’ve eaten and if everything is well. And he’s understanding and patient too—I’m a fussy girl and he’s very patient with me!

Feruz: She’s very loving and caring. She constantly encourages and empowers me to work harder and go further. She’s my soulmate and motivation.


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What’s the best thing about your partner?

Carey: He’s ambitious and he’s logical. He always tries to help me look at things from a different perspective. I’m more emotional and I feel deeply for things that I do. I get too involved with people I work with so having him around reminds me to not get so emotional about things. It helps me grow professionally. He keeps me going because he’s energetic and he loves life in a different manner. He loves his sports and his family, friends, and it encourages me to be that way too.

Roen: We’ve been going out for more than three years now and it’s still super exciting. What I find most attractive about her is how intelligent she is, but being really good looking doesn’t hurt at all. She’s a genuinely nice person–there aren’t any airs about her. She claims she can cook but as yet, this remains an undemonstrated skill. We’re moving into a larger home with a a larger, open-concept kitchen—I’ll get back to you about this in six months.


What is the most romantic thing he/she has done for you?

Carey: He recently surprised me on my birthday with a dinner with the closest people in my life—my friends and family—on his birthday eve (our birthdays are two days apart.) I never expected it and I think this was also the first birthday we’ve spent together, out of the three years we’ve been together. It was really nice and a great surprise.

Roen: She’s romantic on a regular basis, but one memorable thing she did recently was her planning our trip to New York and Las Vegas. It was a lot of work because we didn’t have a lot of time and she had organised it all down to the minutest detail. She was on a trip en route to Las Vegas and I tagged along. I thought it was very sweet that she tried to squeeze our trip in, as we only had four days to spare in New York.

Bvlgari B.Zero 1 perfect mistake ring and pendant

What is one thing that you love doing together?

Carey: The simplest things, whether eating or watching a movie, and basically 95% of our time spent together with mutual friends and family. There are days when we have to go for events together but when we take away the glitz and glamour, those are the best times to me.

Roen: It’s the winding down after a long day—usually we’ll have meals together then we talk about our days while we’re watching Netflix.   



Photography: Aaron Lee/Lensworks

Assisted by: Khairul

Styling: Jason Lim

Styling assistant: Wei Yeen Loh

Makeup: Joey Yap

Hair by: Juno Ko 







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