Louis Vuitton’s latest acquisition? A 549-carat diamond named Sethunya


By Joan Kong

Louis Vuitton’s latest acquisition? A 549-carat diamond named Sethunya

Less than a year after Louis Vuitton secured a 1,758-carat uncut diamond—the second-biggest stone in the world—named Sewelô, the Maison has acquired yet another exceptional gem to its collection. Enter Sethunya (flower in the Setswana language of Botswana, an homage to the French fashion house’s Monogram flower) that weighs in at 549-carat. The rare and ultra-clear stone was discovered at the same Karowe mine—owned by the brand’s partner Lucara Diamond Corp.—where the Sewelô was found. The Sethunya is the seventh biggest rough diamond ever mined at the site, which is also known for its quality diamonds.

An analysis done by the brand’s partners at HB Antwerp has determined that the 549-carat diamond is D-flawless, which means it has exceptional clarity and flawlessness. In a statement by Rafael Papismedov, co-founder of HB Antwerp, he says, “What’s so exciting about the stone is that it’s completely opposite to the Sowetô, which is a stone that’s more of an enigma than anything else, while the Sethunya is the ultimate diamond—the whitest and clearest diamond. It’s like an iceberg. You look through it, you see everything.” The Maison has confirmed that the stone will be transformed into one 200-carat diamond in a classical shape or two LV-cut diamonds of 100-carat each, as well as smaller cuts in five or 10 carats.

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