July birthstone: Most stunning ruby jewellery to shop this month


By Natalia Chow

July birthstone: Most stunning ruby jewellery to shop this month

Coined from “ruber”, the Latin word for red, the ruby’s name also describes the gem’s key feature: Its unique and blood-red colour. This is a reason why July’s birthstone has consistently been admired across history and cultures. Not only is the ruby elegant, it’s often seen as a symbol of passion, protection and prosperity. So much so, back in 200BC, Chinese noblemen would embed their armour with rubies for good luck.

Now, rubies still adorn the necks, arms and clothes of men and women. The radiant gem is found in rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. It’s constantly admired and coveted for its ability to complement any skin tone. After all, red is almost universally flattering. This makes July’s birthstone a regal addition to any jewellery box, regardless of whether you believe in the gem’s magical properties or wish to add some coloured bling into your life.

Our selections this month include both classic as well as more playful interpretations of the gem. Some of the most noteworthy designs include the show-stopping fan earrings from Bvlgari; a stunning chunky bracelet from Van Cleef & Arpels; a retro heart-shaped ring from Alison Lou; a playful clown pendant necklace from Chopard and more.

Shop them below:

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