The Bulgari icon: Introducing the newest additions to the B.zero1 collection

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

The Bulgari icon: Introducing the newest additions to the B.zero1 collection

In the opulent realm of Italian jewellery, Bulgari’s B.Zero1 collection stands as an enduring symbol of modernity and craftsmanship, seamlessly weaving together heritage and innovation in an industry steeped in tradition. Designed in 1999 as an homage to the new millennium, its design presents a timeless element—the cylindrical body draws inspiration from the grandeur of the Colosseum, while the broad central band is a testament to the revolutionary Tubougas technique. This method entails interlocking gold strips tightly wound together, resulting in a chic outcome that harmonises two distinct creative realms.

Today, the design has captivated the younger generation for its sleek, minimalist aesthetic, offered in myriad iterations—from single to quadruple-band rings—and crafted using cutting-edge materials like ceramic and metallic studs.


Zendaya for Bulgari


Bulgari’s brand ambassadors, Lisa Manobal and Zendaya, have significantly bolstered the legacy of Bulgari’s icons. Both modern-day style mavens in their own right, Manobal embodies an essence of Asian beauty, while Zendaya’s multifaceted talent shines both on and off the screen, particularly in fashion and style, commanding attention at every occasion.


Lisa Manobal for Bulgari


In the latest B.Zero1 campaign directed by Cara Stricker and lensed by photographer David Sims, both Zendaya and Manobal infuse their distinct personalities with the vibrancy of the creations they adorn. Dynamic yet uncomplicated, the new Bulgari Icon campaign encapsulates the aesthetic prowess of B.Zero1, radiating electrifying energy through its visuals.

Ahead, discover the latest 2024 additions to the B.Zero1 lineup, showcasing fresh interpretations of the classic design.


The new B.zero1 ring

The latest iteration of the B.zero1 ring features a full elegant diamond pavé setting within the edges of the three-band spiral. Offered in 18 kt rose, yellow, and white gold, this design revitalises the allure of a timeless favourite with a sparkly finish.



B.zero1 with pavé diamonds

Elevating the dazzle factor with unparalleled brilliance, this two-band ring design, available in 18 kt rose or white gold, exudes a bold yet glamorous allure with its complete adornments of multi-sized pavé diamonds. Its striking and daring shape is sure to garner attention.



B.zero1 earrings

The inclusion of the B.zero1 18 kt rose gold earrings with pavé diamonds in the collection lineup injects a touch of heightened glamour to an otherwise minimalist range characterised by clean lines. Nevertheless, it remains faithful to the inspiration drawn from the Colosseum, evident in its distinctive chain elements. These elements transform the iconic ring design into a fully diamond-pavé openwork motif, offering a dazzling display of sparkle.



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