Hearts on Fire and Fugee School join hands for a good cause


By Su Fen Tan

Hearts on Fire and Fugee School join hands for a good cause

Founded in 2009 by Hearts on Fire’s brand ambassador Deborah Henry, Fugee School has been working tirelessly to provide basic education to refugee children for almost a decade now. Today, the Fugee School gives solace to 250 children from the war-torn countries of Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Iraq.


This month, in support of the noble work and vision of Fugee School, Hearts on Fire and the charity organisation enters a special partnership for a good cause: 3% of the proceeds from the sale of any Hearts on Fire jewellery throughout August will be donated to Fugee School, providing the refugee children with greater opportunities for basic education. Besides that, the children from Fugee School were also brought to the Habib Jewels factory to experience and learn about the jewellery-making process.


If you are looking for a gift or eyeing that perfectly cut diamond at Hearts on Fire, there’s no better time than now to get it knowing that you’ll be doing so in support of an important cause.


Learn more about Hearts on Fire and Fugee School at their respective websites. 

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