Frédérique Constant unveils the world’s first mechanical smartwatch

Hybrid Manufacture


By Gwen Ong

Frédérique Constant unveils the world’s first mechanical smartwatch


The world of watchmaking may be traditionally driven by heritage and movement, but the possibilities are endless when the term ‘hybrid’ comes into the picture. One such brand that is making a buzz is Frédérique Constant, which has made a revolutionary move into the smartwatch game. The luxury watchmaker has just unveilved its first timepiece that combines both mechanical movement with smart functions.

Called the Hybrid Manufacture, the timepiece sports the handsome looks of a traditional self-winding watch where the elegant guilloché-patterned front dial displays classic functions such as 24-hour and date indications within a round case. But looking deeper, this Frédérique Constant timepiece houses a new self-winding Calibre FC-750 and also an exciting new electronic section.

The former incorporates a patented transmission system with antimagnetic shield, a Bluetooth antenna, an accelerometer, a microprocessor, an analytical module to measure the running rate, amplitude and beat-error of a mechanical movement and a rechargeable battery. While the latter was entirely developed and produced in-house with functions such as activity tracking and sleep-pattern monitoring, intelligent fitness coaching and 24 timezone indications, which had so far been exclusive to quartz-driven connected watches. Thus, Frédérique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is a world first in creating a symbiotic relationship between mechanical movement and smart functions.

“When it comes to incorporating two technologies into a single calibre, the technical challenges consisted in cancelling out the negative magnetic effects between the mechanical and eletronic modules. Our designers and watchmakers therefore developed a unique case equipped with an antimagnetic shield,” said founder Peter Stas in a report by World Tempus. The data and operational reports collected on the watch can be viewed on the Hybrid app on your smartphone. 

Frédérique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is available in four versions, including a limited series of 888 pieces. The timepiece comes in a wooden winder-box that can be used to wind the mechanical movement and to recharge the battery. A removable travelling charger is also available. 


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