February birthstone: The best amethyst jewellery to shop this month


By Joan Kong

February birthstone: The best amethyst jewellery to shop this month

New month, new birthstone. This round, the spotlight’s on amethyst—a purple quartz stone that’s one of the must-haves for crystal lovers. Its colour ranges from lilac to dark violet, although it’s more commonly found in a lighter hue. Aside from being the birthstone for February babies, it’s also the gem to celebrate the sixth and 17th wedding anniversaries.

Named after the Ancient Greek word amethystos, which translates to “not drunk”, the stone is believed to be able to guard against intoxication, and it helps one to have a clear mind. Well-loved by royals and nobles back in the day (it was part of many country’s crown jewels), amethyst was once regarded as more valuable than diamonds and rubies, though that changed after the discovery of vast deposits in South America during the 18th century. That said, seeing how it can be found in large quantities, everyone can now have an amethyst piece of their own.

Our amethyst jewellery picks this month include a statement-making Cabochon ring from Tiffany & Co.‘s Elsa Peretti collection, the perfect pair of jewel drop earrings from Fred Leighton, and a Dubini pendant necklace for those who are all for some vintage allure.

Shop them below:

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