Exquisite highlights you must see at ‘Cartier: The Exhibition’

Jewels galore


By Gwen Ong

Exquisite highlights you must see at ‘Cartier: The Exhibition’


With over 300 masterpieces of spectacular calibre and size on display, you’re in for a dazzling treat at Cartier: The Exhibition. The prestigious Paris jewellery house has brought out the best jewels from the last 20th century in its Cartier Collection and other renowned institutions for you to check out at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra anytime from now until 22 July 2018.

The exhibition features an array of necklaces, brooches, tiaras, watches and ornaments, as well as archival drawings, photographs and ephemera. Among the beautiful pieces to take note of is the Royal collection, which includes a selection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s personal favourites. You could even get an upclose look at The Queen’s Halo tiara, which she lent to Kate Middleton for her wedding to Prince William.

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This will also be an opportunity to delve into the intimate world of Cartier’s famous international clients from royalty to aristocrats and global socialites, including the likes of the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco, Mexican film star María Félix and screen siren Elizabeth Taylor.

You will be able to learn about Cartier’s designs through the years, its innovative style and sources of inspiration. From the 1920s Art Déco movement, you can see the Duchess of Windsor’s trend-setting Flamingo brooch and original ‘It Girl’ Daisy Fellowes’ Tutti Fruitti necklace. In the Age of Glamour from 1930s to 1960s, the designs took shape from social, political and historic events. Of particular interest is the flamboyant Crocodile necklace worn by María Félix.



Walk through the exhibition and you will find many Cartier items belonging to a number of European monarchs. This includes Princess Grace of Monaco whose 10.48-carat diamond engagement ring from 1956 is a gorgeous display, as with a variety of Maison Cartier’s iconic watch for men.

Cartier: The Exhibition is a showcase of the brand’s renowned craftsmanship and a jewellery collection of immesurable quality and value. One that will bring you closer to its iconic past and inner workings. 

For more information about Cartier: The Exhibition, click here.  

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