Discover the magic of India with Boucheron’s ‘Bleu de Jodhpur’

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Discover the magic of India with Boucheron’s ‘Bleu de Jodhpur’

Sparked by a magical encounter between creative director Claire Choisne and the current Maharaja of Jodhpur, His Highness Gaisingh II, this high jewellery collection indulges in the charm of contemporary India, where innovation is intricately woven with the beauty of tradition.

Inspired by the enchanting city of Jodhpur, the Maison captures the spirit of the “Sun City” for the first chapter of its collection, drawing upon on two of its aspects: the dazzling light that bathes the city and the hypnotic blue of the houses. The collection advances further into its next theme, celebrating the majesty of Nagaur with a necklace that mirrors the sumptuous exterior of the Indian palace. The jewellery pieces then evolve to reflect a marvellous bestiary, ‘Garden & Cosmos’, an escape from the artistic trend preserved by the Maharaja of Jodhpur, before making a bold statement with its final theme— ‘Maharani’, which honours the femininity and strength of Indian women.

Jodhpur reversible necklace

At the crown of the collection lies the very first high jewellery reversible necklace, a majestic design set with 6.01 carats of kite diamond, marble, rock crystal and white gold paved with sapphires and diamonds. With the back of the necklace as exquisite as the front, the necklace radiates with incomparable beauty, paying a fitting tribute to the traditional princely jewellery of the Moguls.

With more than 105 designs fabricated and 60 pieces presented, the collection pushes the limits of ingenuity with the incorporation of new materials including marble and sand, as well as its inimitable play on volume.

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