Diamond & Platinum’s latest collection is dedicated to all things joyful this festive season


By Joan Kong

Diamond & Platinum’s latest collection is dedicated to all things joyful this festive season

Christmas is less than a month away, and you know what that means: aside from shopping for gifts for everyone on your ‘Nice’ list, it’s also time to start planning your festive ‘fits.

When it comes to holiday looks, a perfect ensemble is never complete without—you guessed it—eye-catching bling. If you’re looking for jewellery (for yourself or your loved ones) to end the year on a sparkly note, here’s a collection that’s not to be missed: Diamond & Platinum’s Tunnels of Joy collection.

Depending on who you ask, ‘joy’ could mean different things but everyone would agree that friends, family, and love are at the core of it. Similarly, Diamond & Platinum believes in treasuring such magical moments and taking that little trip down memory lane to relive it.

And such is the inspiration behind the Tunnels of Joy collection—that, and the curves of symbolic architecture evident in the range’s three striking designs. Each that will beautifully adorn your décolletage. Just like its circular shape, you can count on them to radiate with holiday cheer in a never-ending loop.

Read on to find out which pendant resonates with you the most.

Circle of Joys

There’s a reason why the Circle of Joys pendants are one of the key highlights of Diamond & Platinum’s Christmas collection. Reminiscent of the twirls of time, it’s also perfect for those who appreciate all things diamond and gemstone. Comprising 30 brilliantly cut diamonds and 10 bright and vivid stones, it’s available in ruby, tsavorite and diamond.

Joy of Positivity

Life is a rollercoaster but a generous dash of positivity always helps to make things a little brighter and better. This particular pendant might just be the token you need to send you (or a loved one) that friendly reminder. Made of a cluster of 45 diamonds, the piece is equal parts modern and sophisticated, which makes it a great and versatile day-to-night piece.

Joy of Life

Crafted with 40 brilliantly cut diamonds set on 10-karat white gold, the Joy of Life piece is all about celebrating the wonderful times that extend beyond the festivities. We love how the silhouette is reminiscent of a snowflake.

The Tunnels of Joy collection is now available in all Diamond & Platinum boutiques nationwide. Click here for more.

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