DeGem shows us how diamonds and happiness come hand in hand

Perfect brilliance


By Wei Yeen Loh

DeGem shows us how diamonds and happiness come hand in hand

The phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is often reiterated for good reason. Shiny, sparkly and possibly evoking an innate sense of joy upon seeing them—even before actually wearing it on, diamonds are the perfect gift for any occasion or purpose. Inspired by that momentous feeling of happiness, leading diamond-cutting company Lazare has unveiled a new range of adornments that would put a smile on any woman’s face.


The Olevia collection features an intricate design inspired by olive branches and leaves, linking the brand’s signature ideal-cut diamonds together—an apt symbol for an everlasting bond in a relationship. Femininely delicate in its own right, the Olevia collection includes a pair of earrings, rings and pendant. Below, assistant general manager of The Melium Group Zaireen Ibrahim shares with us what her take on ‘joy’ is, along with the most important traits she look for while diamond shopping: 

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What do you look for when you shop for diamonds?

First thing that comes to mind is design. I usually look for something simple, classic, and sophisticated. The carat is quite important too of course. Most importantly, the design and cut have to catch my eye for me to want to wear it.


What does the word ‘joy’ mean to you?

It’s about being happy, loving something or someone that brings joy to me. When you said the word ‘joy’, I thought of my family first and my kids especially. My sisters and I have always been close-knit since we were young, so family is definitely a big (and important) part of my life.

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How do you think your choice in jewellery define your style or character?

My choice in jewellery usually complements my style—from what I wear on a daily basis to more formal events. I’m not one who wears overly chunky jewellery, and I always go for smaller, classic pieces that I would wear on a daily basis. I would perhaps wear something statement-making for a more glamourous function, but nothing too over-the-top.


What kind of jewellery do you like receiving?

Diamonds, of course! But my second favourite if I could pick, would be emeralds. 

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How about the most meaningful gift you’ve received?

Anything from my kids would be meaningful to me. My daughter’s five now, and she can craft her own cards and presents. It’s definitely something I will keep more compared to other gifts I get. So my daughter recently baked me a “cake” for my birthday—it was actually a stacked sandwich “cake” made of slices of bread with nutella, jam, and peanut butter. And she even stuck candles on them, and I thought that was very thoughtful and sweet of her to do so. 


What is one thing that can never fail to make you smile?

Churros! I’m a huge fan of churros—it’s my favourite dessert. In Malaysia, the best I’ve had so far is at Fuego, but my absolute favourite is the one at Disneyland.


Other outstanding pieces that Zaireen is wearing above are from the RollerGlam and LoveJoy collections. The RollerGlam range is a signature from Lazare, inspired by the precision-crafted roller (no guesses there), and is crafted through linking of various rollers, each boasting a Lazare diamond in its true brilliance. The LoveJoy collection, however, shines light to the underrated J-coloured diamonds, proving that cut precedes colour and that each diamond can be cut in a way to magnify the sparkle and size of it.


Lazare Diamond collections can be found at all DeGem boutiques in Malaysia.



Photographs by: Chuan Looi/Yipieyaya Studio

Styling by: Loh Wei Yeen

Art Direction by: Chong Yi Suen

Makeup by: Cat Yong

Hair by: Juno Ko

Styling assistant: Alyssa Lee

Photography assisted by: Yuki Amiya

Zaireen’s outfits by: BCBG Max Azria and Zara

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