De Beers Talisman celebrates 10 years of brilliance

Mystical allure


By Su Fen Tan

De Beers Talisman celebrates 10 years of brilliance

De Beer first launched the Talisman collection in 2005, pioneering the introduction of rough diamonds into modern jewellery with its debut. This year, the commemoration of its 10th anniversary is marked by a magnificent new collection. Symbolic and exquisitely unique, the Talisman collection by De Beers showcases wondrous jewels characterised by a palette of beautiful colours, combining both rough and polished diamonds in crafting the brilliant works of art. It draws inspiration from its namesake, Talisman, which is believed to encompass certain magical properties, usually associated to good luck or protection from evil and harm. Sparkling with a mystical aura, the array of Talisman collection jewellery aptly makes for precious possessions, whether it is for a loved one or for one’s self.


The star of the new collection is the Wondrous Sphere, a unique piece of High Jewellery that takes the form of a striking white gold articulated sphere, symbolising the genesis of talisman. This stunning creation features a three dimensional structure, with a balance of rough and polished diamonds in a multitude of colours surrounding the centerpiece—a captivating 13.17-carat rough diamond.

The collection also encompasses beautiful, artistic medallions, brilliantly adorned rings for both men and women, and other High Jewellery creations.


Discover the collection below:

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