In conversation with Damien Foo of Kaimirra Tutan on shaking up the world of high jewellery

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

In conversation with Damien Foo of Kaimirra Tutan on shaking up the world of high jewellery

While new to the retail scene here in Kuala Lumpur, with its first boutique located at MidValley Megamall, luxury jewellery brand Kaimirra Tutan has established itself as of the world’s most unique jewellers with a specific connection to the ancient Egyptian art of adornment. Offering ammolite gems—a rare, iridescent gemstone made of fossilised shells of sea creatures for over 60 to 70 million years—known to be worn by nobles and aristocrats for special ceremonies in the Egyptian era, the Canada-based brand aims to give it a modern touch to cater to the needs of today’s men and women.

“Back then, even the Pharaoh would wear the ammolite on his crown. The Egyptians value luxury so much that when they pass away, they will not pass their jewellery down to the next generation, and instead, will bury themselves with it,” shares Damien Foo, the Managing Director of the Kaimirra Tutan Group. 

Today, Kaimirra Tutan’s ammolite is sourced from the mines in the Bearpaw Formation, in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and is harvested sustainably and ethically by Korite—the world’s largest commercial producer of ammolite.

Foo’s distinctive eye for style and bold leadership approach are what have allowed the brand to flourish in such a short amount of time since its launch here in Malaysia. “We understand that fashion changes very quickly today, so we’re not chasing trends. Despite our high luxury status, here at Kaimirra, we believe a lot in helping our clients find the right pieces they can wear every day, whether for work, sports or even travelling. We don’t want to create items that people will only seek out once a year or something so extravagant that they can wear just once in their lifetime,” he shares.


Damien Foo


In a sea of luxury jewellery brands, Foo is determined to stand out. And he plans to do so by thinking big. “What we wanted to do from the get-go is to really take risks. We didn’t want to play safe and see how it went. So some of the services we offer are really on par with the major jewellery brands there are out there, from customising jewellery to exclusive in-store experiences and more,” he explains.

“I foresee us having outlets in most of the major cities across the globe with a powerful online presence—an overall omnichannel approach. I want our brand to be in a way whereby people can purchase the jewellery in Singapore, but when they travel to Japan, they can return it there. Or they can purchase an item online but travel to the States to pick it up. That’s the kind of convenience we’re aiming for. We’re also aspiring to foster a strong relationship with our customers where they can come up to us and say, ‘Hey, my wedding anniversary is coming up next month, so what should I wear?’ and our consultants will be able to give excellent advice that our customers trust,” Foo adds.


Damien Foo


With the challenge of running a solid fashion entity coupled with fast-changing times, Foo attributes his motivation and achievements to his team. He shares: “I believe a lot in setting up my people for success because when they’re successful, I will be successful. I believe in getting people to voice up and giving constructive feedback because that’s how a company will grow. In my position, l aim to facilitate whatever my team needs to thrive. I think getting everybody on board to share the same vision is important. There’s also the fact that we do not have a lot of red tape in terms of guidelines that we must follow, so we’re open to changes, and we can adapt to new things almost in an instant.”


The Kaimirra Tutan appeal

So who is the typical Kaimirra Tutan customer, you ask? “Our clients are on the younger end of the spectrum, from 25 to 45. However, regardless of age and gender, our intent is to get customers to wear what makes them feel good. The type of jewellery they choose depends on who’s wearing it and how they want to differentiate themselves from others,” Foo explains.

To further observe how effortless Kaimirra Tutan’s jewellery is for everyday wear, check out how Malaysian model Natalie Prabha styles the luxury pieces with both casual and evening ensembles.



Collections are categorised into different lifestyle aspects to help customers choose their perfect piece for any occasion. Scroll through the gallery below to see them for yourselves.


The Kaimirra Tutan flagship boutique is located at S043, 2nd Floor, East Atrium MidValley Megamall. For more information about Ammolite gems and Kaimirra Tutan’s extensive Ammolite jewellery collections, head over to


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