#BuroBrides: 12 Unique alternative engagement rings

For the unconventional girl


By Joan Kong

#BuroBrides: 12 Unique alternative engagement rings

It’s the symbol of love between a couple and one that you’ll cherish for as long as you live. To mark your relationship, it’s only natural that every girl would look for an engagement ring that speaks a little about the memories you share. While most ladies won’t say ‘no’ to the brilliance and sparkle of a two-carat diamond ring, a special kind of girl would look for something more extraordinary. When ring shopping, it’s more than just the rock on top; the perfect engagement ring also has to do with ring style and even finger/hand shape.

For those with slender fingers, opt for rings with round and oval diamonds so as not to overpower your digits. For wide fingers, go for medium to thick band with a wide rectangular or emerald shaped rock. For ladies with short fingers, you’ll look good in a narrow-width band topped with oval, teardrop or marquise shaped stones.

Now that you’re armed with the basic guide, here are a selection of rings to get you started on your happily-ever-after with the fiancé-to-be. Ladies, it’s ok to “let him know” what you like, a proposal could just be in the pipeline. Let your hint game be strong! (Wink!)

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