What Chopard's commitment to 100% ethical gold means

What Chopard's commitment to 100% ethical gold means

Sustainable luxury

Text: Su Fen Tan

At Baselworld 2018, Chopard announced that it will be using 100% ethical gold in its creations by July 2018

Sustainability has always been a core value at Chopard. In fact, the Maison's vision of sustainable luxury started over 30 years ago when the Scheufele family took over the business in 1963.


Fast forward to 2013, Chopard launched The Journey to Sustainable Luxury. In the same year, it became the world's first watch and jewellery company to support and enable gold mining communities to reach Fairmined certification, while also providing training, social welfare and environmental support to them. In-house, it began producing creations that are crafted using sustainably sourced and traceable precious materials.

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2018 sees the Maison's greatest milestone in its journey to sustainable luxury yet. By July 2018, all Chopard creations will be crafted with 100% ethical gold, where its impacts will be measured against UN Global Goals for sustainable development.


So what is ethical gold exactly, and what kind of positive impacts can we expect from this commitment?

Chopard defines "Ethical Gold" as gold acquired from responsible sources, verified as having met international best practice environmental and social standards. In doing so, it allows small scale mining communities to sell their gold at a premium price, while ensuring mining is done in line with strict environmental and social conditions—no one is exploited, while Chopard is able to make a difference to the lives of the people who make its business possible and minimise its impact on Mother Earth.


When you buy a Chopard piece in the future, know that you're wearing an ethical creation, one that is both environmentally and socially responsible. What Chopard's commitment to 100% ethical gold means (фото 2)