Bulgari chimes bright with its Carillon Tourbillon watch

Eloquent proof


By Kenneth Tan

Bulgari chimes bright with its Carillon Tourbillon watch

Beauty, purity and precision. These three values became the guiding light in Bulgari’s development of its 2015 opus. The new 48mm Carillon Tourbillon, Daniel Roth Collection, is a powerfully made Grand Complication which offers a minute repeater, tourbillon and a three-hammer carillon with gongs housed in a slim 18k pink gold case.

Conceived, developed and finished entirely in Bulgari Manufacture’s own workshops, Italian inspiration nonetheless arrives on a flamboyant open-worked dial. Beneath this dial, one finds the precise mechanics of Swiss watchmaking ingenuity. In the midst of this balletic symphony of hammer, gongs and tourbillon are open-worked surfaces, embellished by NAC, an alloy composed of platinum, rhodium, ruthenium and indium.

At the heart of this magnificent timepiece is the Calibre 3300; 327 parts arranged around a large tourbillon carriage. Deep within this is the lavish carillon, a creation which features specially shaped gongs. These gongs are delicately fashion by the hand of artisans and hardened at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius before yet another round of firing. This arduous process by the artisans is simply necessary to ensure perfect resonance in each and every gong.  

Bulgari's Carillon Tourbillon