August birthstone: Uplift your spirits with beautiful peridot jewellery


By Natalia Chow

August birthstone: Uplift your spirits with beautiful peridot jewellery

The Gemological Institute of America credits the ancient Egyptians with elevating peridot’s status among gemstones. August’s birthstone was first discovered in the Red Sea island of Zabargad, where some of the finest peridots in the world were mined. The gem’s vibrant green and yellow hues ignited the admiration of the ancient Egyptians, who referred to it as the “gem of the sun”.

Centuries later, the magnificent peridot continues to be well-loved in the realm of jewels. Beyond its stunning aesthetic function in jewellery, the gem is also believed to carry emotional healing properties. Associated with protection against mental distress and other stressful situations, it’s said to encourage restful sleep, harmony and peace—something we could all use. The peridot’s green and golden hues are also thought to communicate compassion and calm.

To bring this wonderful gemstone into your life, we’ve gathered all our favourite peridot (and peridot-inspired) pieces including Saint Laurent’s modern cube necklace, Swarovski’s dainty chains, and even a dazzling clip by Tiffany and Co.

Shop them below:

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