Scha Alyahya shows us her favourites from Shiseido's brand new makeup collection
Beauty reimagined
Four textures, 18 products and 122 shades—the new Shiseido makeup collection is reinventing makeup with groundbreaking technology.
Shiseido is revolutionising skincare-makeup hybrids this year with a complete relaunch of its makeup collection, incorporating the best pigments and ingredients into the products for a sensorial experience.

Expect products that are highly pigmented yet weightless, with four main textures that look and feel exceptional on the skin: dew, gel, powder and ink. Below, watch actress Scha Alyahya experiment with the new collection with the help of Tomomi Shibusawa, Shiseido International Makeup Artist:
The lip colour range from this gel collection spans 38 different products, from gel lipsticks to coloured lip balms. But the standout is the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick, a weightless lip product that is made of 15% water and a combination of agar, clay and co-polymer gels. One glide will suffuse the lips with vivid colour, plus its high water content helps to hydrate lips all day long.
Pro tip:
"Achieve an ombré look with two lipstick colours; one light shade and one dark shade," says Shibusawa.
Fun fact:
The VisionAiry Gel Lipstick comes in a tube that is sealed in an air-tight silver wrapper—this helps to preserve the integrity of the lipstick over a longer period of time.

A multi-use highlighter that works on the eyes, face, and lips, the Aura Dew has ultra-fine rose, silver and gold Japanese pearl pigments suspended within the light, cushiony formula. On application, the texture blends seamlessly on every skin tone and does not chalk, thanks to the Enhanced Light Refractive Technology.
Pro tip:
"Apply Aura Dew in 01 Lunar over the cheekbones using fingertips for a weightless wash of sparkle. For eyes, try 03 Cosmic on the eyelids or inner corner of the eyes for a more radiant finish. Finally, for the lips, you can use Aura Dew to outline the Cupid's bow," says Shibusawa.
Fun fact:
Unlike traditional highlighters with shimmer/glitter particles, the Aura Dew does not transfer—the product features a new formula that boasts next generation silicone polymers to prevent just that.

This mousse-powder blush is akin to meringue for your face—but with a dash of colour. It blends on the skin like a mousse, but transforms into lightweight powder with a soft matte, eight-hour long finish. It can be worn in many ways, whether as a thin layer for a natural-looking flush, or layered for more intensity.
Pro tip:
"For a natural finish, apply 01 Sonoya (a light pink) using the Face Duo brush (one of the new brushes from this collection), or you can also use fingertips to stipple into cheeks for a more intense look. For a night look, apply 04 Eiko to contour your features for a defined finish," says Shibusawa.
Fun fact:
The eight shades of this blush are named after Shiseido's brand muses and collaborators from the company's inception to this day.

This multi-purpose pencil is everything you need in one eye makeup product, and more. It works as a liner, eyeshadow, and brow filler; and it is tear-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof and sweat-resistant. It is also ophthalmologist-tested and deemed safe to use on the inner rim of the eyes, plus it has a detachable sharpener for you to define the tip for a precise line. The other end of the pencil comes with a sponge blender that you can use to blend out the colour.
Pro tip:
"For a day look, use 01 Tea House to create a natural gradation, then use it as eyeliner to define the eyes. For a night look, use 06 Birodo Green to create a smoky eye, while drawing the eyeliner using 09 Nippon Noir on the eyelids for a pop of colour," says Shibusawa.
Fun fact:
The names of each shade are inspired by imagery and icons of ancient and modern Japan e.g. Gunjo Blue was named after Gunjo, a blue pigment derived from precious azurite, while Azuki Red references the popular red beans typically stuffed inside mochi.
Videography: 2117.co
Photography: Gerald Goh/Image Rom
Art direction: Cai Mei Khoo
Styling: Joan Kong
Text and coordination: Loh Wei Yeen
Hair: Ckay Liow
Makeup: Tomomi Shibusawa
Wardrobe: Khoon Hooi, BCBG, and Salvatore Ferragamo

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