All the pro beauty tips to help you ace the base
Beginners, the proverbial jackpot is here. We'll forgive you for glossing over this chunk of text while scrolling straight down for game-changing beauty tips to learn now and use forever.

But, to the skeptics reading this, even though your beauty know-how may already be more "boom" than "doom", why should you deny yourself the validation of going through the guide and knowing you've been getting things right? And even if a killer cheat-sheet sparketh no joy, read on to get to know our latest beauty crush: a product that brings out the best in you, balances out your flaws, never lets you sweat the small stuff, and promises to be your perfect match.
Nailing these steps will literally be your "foundation to success".
Knowing every trick in the book is futile without the right tool. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology can formulate an answer to multiple skin and lifestyle needs within a single product. Our current beauty shelf star, the Chanel Ultra Le Teint fluid foundation is that perfect all-rounder.

It's matte to guarantee polished sophistication, but formulated to brighten dark areas for a radiant complexion. It has a solid 24-hour hold yet sits on the skin like a gentle caress; remains breathable while resisting heat, humidity, and sebum. It offers high perfection but is fabulously low maintenance—no touch-ups necessary!
The Chanel Ultra Le Teint comes in an impressive range of 30 shades, divided into three different categories to suit a variety of undertones.
Let us guess; you were starry-eyed to see the myriad of shades above but also a tad befuddled on choosing the right one. Before you start the head scratching, let us break it down for you.
In a nutshell, knowing where you sit on the colour spectrum is fundamental but being aware of your undertone is the secret to choosing the right hues for the rest of your makeup look. This is one case where it is better to show than to tell. Our surefire shades for each undertone down below.
There is nothing like a personal review when it comes to beauty products. What did Aina, Vanizha and Amelia have to say about how the Chanel Ultra Le Teint fit into their day-to-day?
"Years of experimenting with beauty has led me to be inspired by the French. Like them, I believe makeup should be used to enhance, rather than overdone to achieve perfection. This is why I am really impressed with the natural, "your skin, but better" finish that the Chanel Ultra Le Teint gives with its first layer. It perfectly complements my fuss-free daily look which only involves some concealer, an eyebrow pencil and a little cream blush. For glammed-up evenings, I opt for smokey eyes and more intense cheek colours. And if I'm really feeling "wild", a deep red lipstick is my go-to.

P.S. Can I just mention how wonderful it is to see a high-end line of foundation with a wide shade range that focuses on different skin undertones?"

— Aina Syahirah

"Being a professional model means that my beauty looks and routines are constantly changing. Fashion editorial shoots often call for heavy and dramatic makeup, while commercial gigs usually entail more pared back guises. While off-duty, I like looking natural but still put-together. Through it all, a full-coverage foundation that's long-lasting and lightweight is a must. The Chanel Ultra Le Teint foundation is all of that, plus it keeps my face looking fresh throughout the day."

— Vanizha Vasanthanathan

"I spend long days on set, often under bright studio lighting, always needing to look camera-ready. Having on a thick coat of cosmetics is almost a prerequisite for acting jobs because my complexion has to look flawless for television. But caking on multiple layers of makeup really does my dehydrated and sensitive skin no good. Despite drinking lots of water, eating clean, and religiously triple cleansing after work, I sometimes experience breakouts. When that happens, a satin-matte foundation like the Chanel Ultra Le Teint can keep me looking covered on the outside while I deal with my skin issues from the inside. Plus points for its lasting, no touch-up promise—a major time-saver!"

— Amelia Henderson
Discover more about the Chanel Ultra Le Teint foundation, RM220, here.
Videography: Octopost Studios
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Photographer assisted by: Michael Lim Wei-Quan
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Animation: Muhammad Heirzy Jonet
Hair: Philex Chin
Makeup: Chu Fan Gan
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