Chanel Sublimage L’Essence Lumière is the serum you never knew you needed


By Wei Yeen Loh

Chanel Sublimage L’Essence Lumière is the serum you never knew you needed

Serums are one of the few skincare essentials that we strongly believe in splurging on. A good serum can take you to places—whether it’s reversing the signs of ageing or boosting your skin’s barrier, it’s the product you can truly rely on to work wonders with actual visible effects.

Case in point: the all-new Sublimage L’Essence Lumière by Chanel. There’s a few reasons why this powerhouse comes with its price tag (we won’t divulge, but it’s worth every cent). The Sublimage L’Essence Lumière has one active ingredient that has been proven to boost the protein in your epidermis in charge of protecting the skin from premature ageing. Anthyllis, a plant that’s known for its ability to thrive in the most hostile climates, has that precise function, and Chanel has infused the extracts in this new serum.

Chanel Sublimage L’Essence Lumière also has a trifold of moisture-absorbing ingredients your skin would love to soak up in a frenzy: antioxidant-rich vanilla planifolia water, botanical glycerin, and nourishing shea butter. A little help from fine particles of nacre (mother of pearl) blur out imperfections and brighten the complexion.

That said, there’s only so much your serum can do if you aren’t applying it the right way. Here’s a fact that most of your might already know of: serums come in the smallest bottles (compared to everything else in your skincare stash) for a reason. A few drops of it is potent enough to shower your skin with all the benefits as promised, and most people tend to overdo it with way more product than necessary.

Tip: You should only apply serum after toner and before moisturiser—applying it after the latter might render your serum completely useless because of the hydrating barrier that will block the serum’s benefits from absorbing into your skin. Also, never rub and stretch your skin in swiping motions when applying serum, unless you’re totally okay with saggy, wrinkly skin in the next five years or so.

Gently pat and massage repeatedly until the serum has completely absorbed, then be prepared to glean a new you. Or more radiant skin, as the Sublimage L’Essence Lumière promises.

Here’s how the Chanel Au Ritz skincare protocol suggests to apply the Sublimage L’Essence Lumière:

1. Apply a drop to both cheeks, the forehead and the neck.

2. Use both hands to smooth the features of the face from the center outwards.

3. Start with massaging the left side of the face: sweep the skin from the forehead to the temples, from the nose to the ear, from the corner of the lips toward the edge of the jaw, from the tip of the chin to the ear, and then down to the collarbone.

4. Repeat the step above and then perform it on the right side of the face.


Chanel Sublimage L’Essence Lumière (RM 1,942.00 for 40ml) is now available at all Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutiques and counters at all leading departmental stores.

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