Top 3 starlight experiences at Sanctuary Retreats Africa

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Top 3 starlight experiences at Sanctuary Retreats Africa

Now offering guests the most breathtaking experiences under the stars in South Africa and Africasince, Santuary Retreats will make for a truly serene holiday destination where guests can bask in the beauty of nature. Free from light pollution and obstructions, here are 3 unforgettable experiences that will make a truly luxurious safari vacation.


1. Take a Star Bath at the Sanctuary Baines Camp

One of the most pristine wildlife destinations in Botswana, the Sanctuary Baines Camp only offers five deluxe suites. Each suite is equipped with a private viewing deck where guests can dip into a luxurious Star Bath under the skylight. Surrounded by beautiful twinkling lanterns, guests can enjoy a romantic view of the Boro River right from their viewing decks.


2. Fall asleep on The Star Bed at Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge

The newest addition to Santuary Retreats offers an opulent experience, The Star Bed, which allows guests to fall asleep lit only by camp light and surrounded by the wonderful sounds of wildlife. Placed atop a double story building tucked away in a secluded part of the lodge, guests will be able to view a waterhole with incredible sights across the Madikwe Game Reserve that accommodates extraordinary wildlife such as lions, elephants, cheetahs, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, and the rare African wild dog.


3. Embark on The Cosmic Safari at Sanctuary Kusini

Located in Tanzania, Sanctuary Kusini offers The Cosmic Safari where guests can enjoy Africa’s magnificent dazzling night skies. After dark, guests will be let my the camp manager onto a stellar safari above a kopje (a small hill with a 360º view), showcasing the beauty and mystery of the galaxy and its kaleidoscope of constellations.


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