5 Questions to ask yourself before travelling solo

Should you or should you not?


By WanderLuxe

5 Questions to ask yourself before travelling solo

As avid travellers, we sometimes journey off on our own. The truth is, there are few experiences comparable to travelling by yourself. What’s so gratifying about solo travel is that you don’t need a reason to pack your bags and hop off to paradise. You don’t have to plan your vacation days around a special occasion. There’s just you, enjoying the world because you can. And if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.


1. What do you have to lose?

questions to ask before solo travel

List out every one of your reasons. Done? Good. Now you’ve got all the excuses out of the way. If it’s the fear of being alone, then going solo is exactly what you need to start the process of being at peace with yourself and enjoying your own company (see question #2).


2. Can you have fun by yourself?

questions to ask before solo travel

Other than safety, the number one concern for all solo travellers is loneliness. As much as we wish we could dispel this notion, being on the road alone does get pretty lonely. Sometimes even unbearably lonely. When you’re witnessing majestic sights, feeling enlightened, stumbling upon moments of revelations (and wanting to take something better than the 835th selfie), it’s normal to want to share it all with someone. But sometimes, that person should be your very good self. Travelling solo gives you a chance to learn to treat yourself the way you would another person—and that’s not such a bad thing.


3. Do you want to meet new people?

questions to ask before solo travel

We all do it. Get stuck in a rut, that is. Same friends, same routine. What happened to the exciting adventurer you’ve always dreamt of being? Just because you’re travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to stick to yourself. Mingling is far easier than you think (just remember to stay safe and trust your instincts!). But if you don’t want to make new friends, that’s fine too. That’s the beauty of solo travelling—there are no rules.


4. What would you do without any judgement?

questions to ask before solo travel

Be honest-what is this trip about? First of all, you’re in a foreign country. Secondly, there’s no one to judge you (except maybe the hotel staff). Want to let loose and get as drunk as you want (but don’t forget to take care of yourself)? Want to get out there and see the world without anyone (you know, boring significant others) holding you back? This is your chance.


5. How much money are you willing to spend?

questions to ask before solo travel

If you can afford to go all out, book yourself that extravagant vacation you’ve only ever dreamed about. But it’s not always about the moolah either. With what you have now, what can you check off your bucket list? Some experiences are serendipitous and yet barely cost a dime. When we think of solo travels, sometimes we picture packing up and venturing out for months, but who says a simple weekend away isn’t a single’s voyage? When there’s a will, there’s a way.


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