Sit back and unwind in these exquisite beach cabanas

Sit back and unwind in these exquisite beach cabanas

Sleep, swim, sip

Image: Pelican Hill Resort
Image: Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea
Image: Las Vantanas Al Paraiso

A beach vacation is never complete without a relaxing nap by the beach, a refreshing swim in the ocean, or a glorious drink by the beach.

Beach cabanas are a truly wonderful way of enjoying everything the sun and sand has to offer. Here are 3 amazing beach cabanas that will inspire all sorts of peace and happiness in you.


1. Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea and Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo

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With the recent extension of the beach area at Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea and Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, new luxurious cabanas have been placed in a private and secluded area by the beach for guests to enjoy a more serene and comfortable environment under the sun. Guests can rent or reserve the fully furbished cabanas for their entire stay as the gorgeous cabanas are able to accommodate from a single person to a whole family or a party of friends. Fully equipped with fresh fruit, sparkling wine, a selection of fresh juices and soft drinks, wifi, and even a personal Cabana Host, guests will find themselves incredibly relaxed and pampered. 


2. Pelican Hill Resort

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This ultra luxury hotel offers the incredible comforts of home away from home. The highlight of this resort is the Coliseum Pool overlooking a beautiful beach. Cabana suites surround the Coliseum on higher ground gives guests an impeccable view of both the beautiful pool and the gorgeous beach. Featuring flat-screen TVs, Bose audio systems, chaise loungers, dining tables with chairs, ceiling fans and (very necessary) mini bars, each cabana is luxuriously designed to grant every poolside wish that you may think of. 


3. Las Vantanas Al Paraiso 

Sit back and unwind in these exquisite beach cabanas (фото 3)

This exquisite Rosewood Resort offers spectacular ocean views from the comfort of their new extravagant beach cabanas. These cabanas are the epitome of luxury as they feature private plunge pools and Jacuzzis, allowing up to fours guests to relax in this private enclave where a personal butler offers guests refreshing drinks, iPads and iPods, Evian spray and sunscreen as well as food and beverage. In the evening, private dinners can be arranged in the cabanas along with a Beach Cinema experience for an extremely memorable vacation.