Relive the medieval days in these 5-star castle hotels

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Relive the medieval days in these 5-star castle hotels

With plenty of estate activities that resemble what the aristocrats used to do, golf on the most beautiful and luscious grounds, and the most luxurious spa treatments, a holiday at a castle hotel is probably as close to a fairytale dream come true as we can get.


1. Thornbury Castle

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Perhaps one of the most famous love stories of all time happened within the walls of this castle. Thornbury Castle allows visitors to retrace the steps of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn as they walk in the corridors and grounds they once explored.  This hotel offers the perfect luxurious retreat — combining 500 year-old architecture with sumptuous facilities. 



2. Dromoland Castle

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This castle was the ancestral home of the Dromoland O’ Briens whose lineage goes back to the only High King of Ireland, Brian Boru. This castle is built entirely of dark blue limestone and in fine chiseled workmanship. Dromoland castle is perfect for a family vacation as their activities cater to both adults and children. Appreciate the natural beauty of Ireland as you stroll through the estate. 



3. Ashford Castle

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With history dating back up till 1228, Ashford castle is probably the most luxurious on this list. Guests will get to experience the life of the elite and partake in activities such as falconry, clay shooting and archery, traditional boat trips, and more. For the more modern vacationers, they also have a beautiful spa in a fairy tale setting and golf on 2996 yards par 35 parkland course. 


4. Adare Manor

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Fans of Downton Abbey will love this one; a fully luxurious manor that is also steeped in history. Adare Manor offers interesting rooms such as Lady Caroline’s Room which is the original quarters of Lady Caroline Wyndham — the room is steeped in history and full of hidden secrets. The estate also offers a distinctly glamorous spa just a stone’s throw away at the Lavander Cottage. This spa combined with the beautiful scenery surrounding the estate allows for total relaxation of the mind and body.

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