5 Popular Instagram spots around the world

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5 Popular Instagram spots around the world

With so many gorgeous sights around the world, we are sometimes torn between snapping a photo (or photos) of them or putting the gadgets away to live in the moment. Fret not as we have gathered those picture perfect spots where you definitely shouldn’t put your camera (or smartphone) down. Of course, these places are enjoyable gadget-free too. 


1. Bali Swings in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia



There are five Bali Swings and they range from 5 metres to 78 metres high. All of them, however, comes with a price—at least 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah (around USD$10) for a 30-minute ride while your travel buddy clicks madly away. You can choose to swing backwards facing the gorgeous paddy fields and river; or frontwards and add a nice, big grin in your shot. Here are a few tips for you: Do wear something flowy and brightly-coloured to stand out against the backdrop. Oh, and don’t forget to point your toes!


2. Le Riad Yasmine’s Pool in Marrakech, Morocco



The world’s most photogenic pool is in a small hotel run by French couple Gabriel Paris and Alice Tassery. The hotel found fame when Paris and Tassery decided to invite social media influencers to stay and it was a huge success because more than 80% of the guests credit social media to their booking decision. According to Tassery, the Amazigh symbol inside the pool means free man, the land and the language. There are only seven rooms here so you will definitely need to book ahead and be waiting for a little while before you get your reservations confirmed. Looking for more tips? Here’s a Marrakech guide on where to go and when.


3. Molokini Clear Canoes at Baros Maldives in the Maldives



Choose anything you have in striking contrast and you will get that Instagram-worthy photo as you sit on one of those clear canoes against the famous turquoise waters of the Maldives. The shallow waters of the Maldivian sea allow you to easily capture corals, fishes and even reef sharks swim right beneath your canoe. This piece of heaven on earth means you can snap any shot and it will still be breathtaking. These rides come at a fairly reasonable rate: USD$30 for an hour for a max of two people, or USD$50 for two hours.


4. Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya



This hotel has the privilege of sharing the estate with some of the most beautiful, endangered animals: Eight Rothschild giraffes. In the mornings, the giraffes casually stroll the grounds and peek their heads into the second-floor window as guests enjoy breakfast. A night here can cost you at least USD$500 per person but part of the proceeds supports a breeding programme that helps the survival of the giraffe’s kind. Travel and charity, the best way to live!


5. Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines



The Philippines is undeniably one of the most stunning places in the world and these waterfalls are a rite of passage for any traveller in Cebu. The trip takes you on a hike through the jungle and along the way, you pass a little village that is home to some of the friendliest people of the world. Travellers say the journey to all three of the falls and the Kawasan river is the best part but for us, it is the experience of living like a local that seals the deal. Amongst the picturesque backdrop, you will be entertained by the local children playing in the water and colourful scenes of women doing laundry in the river. If you are lucky, some might just invite you in for a spot of local lunch!


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