Interesting bars to visit during the Singapore Grand Prix Season

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By Buro247

Interesting bars to visit during the Singapore Grand Prix Season

1. Manhattan at Regent Hotel

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This bar inspired by the 19th century’s Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking is an elegant and glamorous place to enjoy your favourite cocktails. Be transported to old New York in this classy space where skilful bartending meets artisanal spirits to make time-honoured cocktails. Also in this bar is he world’s first in-hotel rickhouse that displays over 100 American oak barrels that are used to finish whiskies and other spirits — a sight not to be missed. In commemoration with the Grand Prix Season, expect to find some F1 drinks here. 


2. 1-Altitude

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This beautiful multi-concept lifestyle destination set in great heights will surely excite your imagination. There are three distinct concepts here — a gallery and bar, a restaurant, and a club. The highest point of 1-Altitude, the 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar, offers a spectacular view of Singapore at the al fresco bar where guests can enjoy their cocktails. With an expansive cocktail menu to choose from and a its awe-inspiring decor and design, guests can expect a breathtaking experience here. 


3. Bitters & Love

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This covert bar is a hidden gem that is sure to please the quirky and adventurous cocktail lover. Bitter & Love specialises in making the most beautiful and original cocktails with local influences. Guests can expect cocktails presented in imaginative ways — their Kaya Toast Cocktail comes in a kaya jar with real toast and kaya as its garnish. Not only will you find whimsical and creative cocktails at Bitters & Love, their food are equally as unique. There will never be a dull moment at this quaint establishment.

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