8 Things you didn’t know about Seoul

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8 Things you didn’t know about Seoul

1. Free drinking water… everywhere

Along with the copious abundance of street food and restaurants every five steps of the way, you also get free water. In large departmental stores (Lotte Mall, Shinsegae), in phone shops, and even in some underground shopping malls, you’ll spot a water dispenser (with cups, too!) that is more often than not, full. Some may be near the washrooms, but don’t be grossed out, it’s all mineral, no deposit.

Tip: Bring out a half empty water bottle and refill it along the way as you need.


2. Occasional free coffee

Seoul runs on three things: kimchi, soju and coffee. While the first two might cost you in one way or another, we have discovered that the roadside vendors often stock a full dispenser of coffee that comes free flow with their food.

Tip: It pays to note that they normally close shop in the wee hours, and they won’t deny a cold, thirsty stranger a free cuppa, especially if they have leftovers.

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3. Take-out pizza is cheaper

We’re pretty sure it applies to other food too, but generally, pizza is roughly 30 per cent cheaper if you go into the store and take it out versus delivery and dining in. This is probably due to the high demand for delivery and extra services (like a salad bar) if you dine in.


4. Shake, don’t stir

When you get take-out food from a restaurant and it comes heat sealed, it’s probably because you’re supposed to shake it vigorously to mix the contents, not painstakingly stir it.


5. Your Korean age

Is +1 or +2 your regular age, depending on your birthday. So if you’re 29, you’re actually 30. Natives will reconfirm this with the year in which you were born, so there’s no point feigning ignorance.

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6. The train is faster…

…Than the road. Always. Safer, too.


7. Pay with cash, get 10% off

Credit cards take 10 per cent off their cut, so retailers are always sure to mark them up. If you want a cheaper deal, pay with cash and ask for at least 10 per cent off. You’re probably being quoted the ‘foreigner’ price anyway.

Tip: Things without price tags are normally negotiable (while things with tags are usually not). But you can always try your luck if it’s expensive and/or buying in large quantities.


8. Speak their language

Not all of it, just three phrases. Hello, Thank you and Goodbye. Anyeonghasaeyo, Kamsahabnida and Anyonghigaesaeyo respectively. It’ll get you smiles and great service all around. It helps to learn the alphabet to discern many a lurking Konglish.


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