5 Things that will make you want to visit Melbourne right now

Or just live there forever


By Rachel Au

5 Things that will make you want to visit Melbourne right now

If you’ve been or lived in Melbourne, you’d agree that it’s one city that’s hard saying goodbye to. That could also be the reason why coffee places and cafes have become such a huge trend here—case in point: the existence and popularity of the hashtag #cafehopmyas Malaysians started bringing back a piece of that culture and adapting it to our local scene. 


Watching the Australian Open stars reveal their preferences about Melbourne made us review the awesome things in the world’s most liveable city that are making us wish we could teleport there right now (or hop on a jet plane). 


Disclaimer: Apart from the coffee and sights (because everyone already knows about the Great Ocean Road and Gang). 


1. The brunch food

oscar cooper eggs benedict

From tantalising poached eggs and bacon to fluffy pancakes to smoked salmon on toasts with siracha hollandaise, the list of cafes in Melbourne will spoil you endlessly. For a plate of eggs Benedict that’s worthy of the hashtag #foodgasm, give Oscar Cooper a go; otherwise, try Axil Coffee Roasters‘ red velvet pancakes.


2. The desserts

Melbourne Bistro Morgan candy floss doughnut

There seem to be dessert fairies living in Australia; not only do they taste and look amazing, they’re also very much a mesh of sweet dreams made into reality. Bistro Morgan (aptly dubbed as Melbourne’s Doughnut Prince) offers doughnuts of the next level (Persian fairy floss syringe doughnuts, guys?), new pop-up store Scroll churns out insane Thai-inspired rolled ice cream and then there’s peach melba frozen parfait from Hammer & Tong 412 (who also serves awesome food). 


3. The (epic) milkshakes

melbourne muharam cafe nutella doughtnut shake

Melbourne’s milkshakes definitely bring all the people to the cafes that serve them. The key seems to be in the toppings. The most noteworthy one on our list is Muharam Cafe with their Nutella Donut Milkshake but Naughty Boy Cafe is also a must-visit for their seriously mean instashakes. 


4. The beaches

brighton beach melbourne

Okay, let’s take a break from all that literal eye candy and think about a pleasing sight for sore eyes: the beach and the calming crash of ocean waves. Aussie beaches are well known enough for being beautiful, and in Melbourne, St Kilda needs no more recognition. The ones that do deserve more attention are Brighton Beachfor the row of colourful bathing boxesand Half Moon Bayfor that peaceful weekend escape. 



5. The events

melbourne moonlight cinema

With back-to-back events, Melbourne is the epitome of a social butterfly-if it were a person. In the sole month of January to the next few months, there’s the Australian Open for all the tennis enthusiasts, Moonlight Cinema at the Botanic Gardens and the pop-up Kit Kat Studio where you can customise your chocolate bars. 


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