5 Interesting places to have a unique afternoon tea in Asia

5 Interesting places to have a unique afternoon tea in Asia

Treat yourself!

Text: Zoe Yang

Image: Hyatt Regency Bangkok / Facebook
Image: Grand Hyatt Taipei
Image: Banyan Tree Lang Co / Facebook
Image: Palace Hotel Tokyo
Image: Raffles Hotel Le Royal / Facebook

Make the most of your trip when you're planning your travels to any of these countries in Asia. Here are our recommendations below:


1. When in Bangkok, Thailand...

Where: Hyatt Regency Bangkok, Thailand

What's special: How does having tea within the walls of an art gallery sound? You can do just that at the newly opened Sukhumvit Gallery in Hyatt Regency Bangkok. Enjoy marvellous treats while learning more about Bangkok's beautiful history and culture. The afternoon tea set comes with sweet and savoury bite-sized treats inspired by the photos that adorn the gallery. Also, coffee and tea lovers will be able to try one of Thailand's finest coffee sourced from plantations in the Tak province, and the best naturally grown tea from the village of Mae Sai in Chiang Mai.

Time: Served daily at 2pm – 4pm

Price: 950++ Thai Baht (approximately RM130) / set for two persons.

For more information, visit this website.


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2. When in Taipei, Taiwan...

Where: Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taiwan

What's special: Afternoon tea has never looked grander than at the Grand Hyatt Taipei. The hotel's Café served up hearty, buffet style meals with an interesting concept where its food stations are designed to look like a high-end marketplace. From a sushi and seafood bar to a fresh juice bar, dessert station and ice cream bar, foodies should go with an empty stomach to enjoy the various cuisines on offer.

Time: 3pm – 5pm (Weekdays)

Price: NT$880 (approximately RM119) per adult and NT$440 (approximately RM59) per child, aged 5–12

For more information, visit this website.


3. When in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam...

Where: Banyan Tree Lang Co, Vietnam

What's special: This is the place to be if you want to chill out and experience Vietnam at its most authentic form. Catch the resort's staff all decked out in the country's traditional clothing, ao dai and Vietnamese conical hat as they bring the afternoon tea to your villa. They use ganh (a time-honoured tradition of transporting and selling food and goods with a pole balanced horizontally on one's shoulder) to carry two bamboo baskets containing an impeccable selection of Vietnamese local snacks such as nem lui (pork on lemongrass skewers) and banh ngot (sweet cakes).

Time: Served daily at 3pm

Price: Complementary for residents staying at the resort

For more information, visit this website.


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4. When in Tokyo, Japan...

Where: Palace Hotel Tokyo, Japan

What's special: To welcome the autumn season in Japan, the hotel is collaborating with 160-year-old tea purveyor Maruyama Nori to organise a special gastronomical experience at the Palace Lounge. You'll get to taste luxurious tidbits created with one of the best organic Japanese teas such as matcha tiramisu, whole-leaf green tea crème brulée and roasted green tea lamington cake. The savoury dishes include matcha steamed bread sandwich with a shrimp and cream cheese filling, yuzu-marinated salmon and miso-flavoured scones. These fine delicacies are artfully presented in a three-tier Jyubako lacquer box. Not to be missed is of course, the premium matcha tea itself.

Time: 1pm – 4.30pm (Weekdays) / 2pm – 4.30pm (Weekends) / Available until 30 November 2019

Price: JPY 4,800 (approximately RM188) per person / JPY 6500 (approximately RM254) with a glass of champagne

For more information, visit this website.


5. When in Phnom Penh, Cambodia...

Where: Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Cambodia

What's special: This place has long-existed since the 1920s, at a time when French colonists played a role in influencing Indochina with French culinary culture. Be it in the conservatory, the poolside terrace or the famous Elephant Bar, relive the bygone era and enjoy the afternoon tea lounging in a classic setting. The menu features a selection of mango tartlets, chocolate mousses, vanilla mille-feuilles with savoury salmon sandwiches and fresh scones. It is said that a Cambodia trip is not complete if one does not pay a visit to the Elephant Bar!

Time: Served daily at 2pm – 5pm

Price: USD15 (approximately RM62) per set

For more information, visit this website.


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