All I want for Christmas: A smartphone with multiple camera lenses


By Rachel Au

All I want for Christmas: A smartphone with multiple camera lenses

Samsung‘s 2018 flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note9 are popular contenders but the tech giant’s latest offering is equally astounding, primarily because they’ve introduced the world’s first quad camera in the Galaxy A9 and triple camera in the Galaxy A7 .

It might be a lot of numbers but trust in us to break it down to show you why they’d make a great gift—whether for a loved one or yourself.


SAMSUNG GALAXY A9 — The power of four



Rear camera #1: What mainly sets it apart is the fourth lens which is the 10MP Telephoto Camera with 2x Optical Zoom. The Galaxy A9 can take clear, up close and detailed photos even from far away.

Rear camera #2: With the same viewing angle as the human eye, the 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens lets you capture the scene as you see it and shoot like a pro with the Scene Optimizer.

Rear camera #3: The Galaxy A9 features a 24MP main lens that’s capable of snapping sharp images regardless of day, night or low light conditions.

Rear camera #4: The high-performance 5MP Depth Lens lets you take striking images that help your subject stand out from the crowd.

Front camera: With the 24MP front-facing camera, get your beautiful selfies with Selfie Focus—highlight your face by blurring the background, making your selfie stand out from the crowd. It’s also equipped with AR Emoji and flattering filters so you have more ways to express yourself.

Display and audio: The Galaxy A9, with a brilliant 6.3” FHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display, produces sharper contrast and more dynamic colours for a much more immersive viewing experience. The phone also supports Dolby Atmos surround sound for you to enjoy a richer 360-degree audio experience.

Security: Unlock your phone just by showing it your face. For those who prefer the trusty fingerprint sensor, it has been placed at the middle for greater convenience.

Battery: Galaxy A9’s long-lasting 3,800mAh battery life helps you enjoy even longer hours of enjoyment so you don’t miss a beat! It also supports fast-charging capabilities to offer a quick boost when you need it most.


Storage: 6GB RAM, 128 Internal Storage and an external MicroSD support of up to 512GB.

Colours: Available in Bubblegum Pink, Caviar Black and Lemonade Blue.

Buy online: RM1,999



SAMSUNG GALAXY A7 — The triple threat

Rear camera #1: The 8MP 120-degree Ultra Wide Lens lets you take a photo that has the same viewing angle as the human eye so the world can see exactly what you are seeing.

Rear camera #2: The main camera sports a stunning 24MP lens that promises to deliver crisp clear photos, even in low light conditions. It is also equipped with Samsung’s Intelligent Scene Optimiser which automatically detects your photo’s subject type and instantly adjusts the camera settings to give you the best shot it can take.

Rear camera #3: They call it Depth Lens and this is the one that gives photos that bokeh effect that makes all the difference. Combine the 5MP lens with the Live Focus feature and the power to control the exact level of depth of field is in your hands.

Front camera: The Galaxy A7 has a 24MP front camera with adjustable LED flash, Selfie Focus (to add that bokeh effect) and Pro Lighting Mode (to give the illusion of professional studio lighting). You can also add AR emoji and filters to give you more ways to augment your snapshots.

Display and audio: Whether it’s looking at photos or watching videos, the experience is heightened with its sleek 6.0-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display and Dolby Atmos immersive sound technology support.

Security: The Galaxy A7’s side fingerprint sensor ensures that your phone is immediately unlocked in one seamless move.

Storage: 4GB RAM, 128 Internal Storage and an external MicroSD support of up to 512GB.

Colours: Available in blue, black and gold.

Buy online: RM1,299


For more information, visit Samsung Malaysia’s website on the Galaxy A9 and Galaxy A7.

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